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    In the Columnist theme – how do I make featured images so that they display from top to bottom, not bottom to top? By this I mean, when I upload a featured photo to put on the top of the specific post, it will display my feet instead of my head. If I need to crop it, what the the specific dimensions the the Columnist theme. Thank you!
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    Have you read the Featured Images section in the theme description found here?

    If you assign a feature image to one of your posts it will display differently depending on which template you are viewing. For instance: on the home page as well as all other pages that display multiple posts, your featured image will appear cropped at 180 pixels wide by 180 pixels tall. In cases where your original uploaded featured image is 610 pixles wide or wider, it will also appear at the very top of single posts and pages.


    Huh, so if I upload a photo that is 610 pixels wide, it will display on top of the individual post page correctly, but automatically crop for display on the home page without the ability to control how it crops? And if I want to control for the crop when it displays on the homepage, then it is too narrow to display on top of the individual post page? If so, that’s a bummer :/



    That’s the way I read it too. I’ll flag this thread so we can get it moved to the Themes Forum where Themes Staff can verify whether or not our reading comprehension skills are leading us to the correct conclusion or not.




    Yes. The theme description is correct.

    Unfortunately there is no way to add two different featured images at this point therefore the smaller ones will be cropped automatically.

    In order to maintain the original design of the theme, we’ve decide to not to display smaller than 610px wide featured images on the single view.

    At this point, I’m afraid there is no way to control where to crop the small featured image at the same time to display the original in the single view.

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