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    I’ve searched the edit page, online manual, and forums but can not find how to change or eliminate columns or indents. My ‘About’ page is my intro that comes up first, but it is indented far right and the indent function button is greyed out to move left.

    The blog I need help with is



    My ‘About’ page is my intro that comes up first

    Not in the blog linked to your username. Are you talking about a different blog?


    Sorry, old blog – is the blog I’m having trouble with.

    I can’t seem to figure how to format this title page layout. So, I made an ‘About’ page and it comes up on what looks like a right side column.

    Thanks for you help…



    Yes, the content of posts and pages comes up on the right column. The left column is for titles etc. That’s the way the theme is designed, and you can’t change it except if you have the Custom Design upgrade and experience in CSS editing. So you probably need a different theme.


    Thanks justpi.

    So, since I can’t edit the title page I’m stuck with a ‘front’ page that doesn’t fill the page…

    Still, an excellent program for free.

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