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.com address coming up as untrusted

  1. is coming up as untrusted (and has been for over an hour) I've signed out and back in, cleared cache, the usual. Any ideas why? Thanks--jd

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Untrusted by whom? When do you get this error message. Are you using IE as your browser? And are you using https:// If so see here > How do I get those annoying security warnings to go away?

  3. I'm using Firefox--the warning comes up that the site is not presenting a security certificate. Both and are showing as untrusted--this message comes up whenever I try to go directly to the site, though I can get to my admin page, though trying to go to the home page from there brings up the untrusted warning

  4. When I use Explorer I can get to the site using http but not using https

  5. Did you follow the instructions I linked to for disabling the warnings? If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may receive warnings as you navigate around your admin with HTTPS enabled. To disable those, follow this process:

  6. yes, i read that--but I do not use explorer, i use firefox--i've contacted wp support staff directly, as it's a certificate problem concerning only the publicly accessible areas--admin areas are fine. Thank you for your time, timethief

  7. Thank for the updated information. :)

  8. sourcinghandmade

    This is happening to me too. It's when I click to paypal from my site, then cancel and try to re-direct back to my site. This is the message I get (I'm using firefox): uses an invalid security certificate.

    The certificate is only valid for the following names:
    * ,

  9. Hi, that's exactly what's happening to me. It gets cleared up (because the certificates are updated) then happens again in a few weeks. I think this is a WordPress problem that only they can address--but since we are paying for the .com addresses, I would think that the certificates would be kept up. Maybe we're just in a lag period when services can't keep up with need. Let's hope it gets better. jd

  10. Sometime it happens if you have set a wrong date on your computer. Check the date. Clear the cache. And try again.

  11. This always happens when you use domain mapping and supply an https URL. The certificates are meant for the admin site: works fine gives a warning

    Since there is no point in using https for a publicly available site just use the http URL.
    Private bloggers have to decide whether the information is so sensitive that it is worth talking all their subscribers through adding a certificate exception or whether they too will just use the http site. In my opinion if your data is that sensitive you probably shouldn't be using anyway.

  12. wpgaurav and tandava108 thank you, however I feel that neither of you read what I wrote, or the complete thread. EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW--AND, IT WAS FINE BEFORE, UNTIL IT SUDDENLY WASN"T--This is a periodic problem for WordPress, NOT something I did or didn't do, IT IS A WORDPRESS ISSUE, and has nothing to do with the "sensitivity" of material on my sight. The http address did not work for a while--which is what started this in the first place-I was simply reporting that neither form, http or https was allowing me access

  13. Sorry I was testy--my apologies to both tandava108 and wpgaurav--it's been a very long day.
    Thank you for taking the time to try to help.

  14. sourcinghandmade

    I was using https:// on my paypal re-direct link. I changed it to http:// and now it works find. Hopefully I don't see this issue again! Thanks all!

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