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    I want to transfer my blog from .com to .org. The company my husband works for is not doing that great and things are tight financially. So I need to start to try and be able to make some money with my blog. I’m going back to work, but the job market is tight here and it will probably take at least a couple months to find a job.

    So anyway… Let me see if I’m understanding how this works. This is what I think I’m understanding. Just let me know if I’ve gone off into a ditch anywhere.

    Whether I host my .org blog on a hosting service or on our own server, I need to have the wordpress.org software installed on my computer.

    For a server, I can either host it on our own server, or use a hosting service like bluehost.

    If I use our own server it would be free, but my husband would have to do all the work. After banging his head against computers at work all day. Bad idea.

    If I use a hosting service, they do most of the work, and there’s a nice helpdesk person who can walk me through most technical problems I would encounter.

    Am I understanding this right?





    The situation at http://wordpress.org/support is the same as here. Volunteers “man” the forum. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/07/wordpresscom-vs-wordpressorg/
    There is no “free ride”. If your husband cannot handle it then you have to hire a host in order to place your blog on their servers. You can find more information in the sticky post at the head of the forum https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic.php?id=3700 and in the forum searchbox.



    And on most hosts there is no nice technical support person for your drama. That is why they are cheap.
    Buy a book ?



    Wow. I didn’t realize I’d make anyone angry by asking a few question.

    I didn’t ask about the difference between .com and .org because I did do some reading up on it and understood that part. I didn’t ask how to transfer from .com to .org because I saw plenty of information on how to do that.

    I was just asking if I was understanding this particular section of it so I could make some decisions on how I wanted to proceed.

    Like most bloggers, I’m not thrilled about the idea of paid blogging. Just explaining my particular rock and hard place situation, in the hopes I wouldn’t get jumped on.

    Guess not.

    Thanks anyway.


    Who’s angry? Neither of the other two sound angry to me.
    At wordpress.com you get volunteers who will hold you hand.
    All the geek work is done by staff – you just blog.
    WP com volunteers will do the FAQs and forum search box searches for you.
    They will give step-by-step instructions and walk throughs.

    At wordpress.org you do not get that kind of hand holding support.
    You have to be able to manage some geeky stuff yourself aside from what the host manages.
    You have to search for your own answers.

    You pay for what you get in web hosting.
    And you can be darn sure that cheap hosts do not do hand holding.

    If you do not have the skills required to manage your own wp install, and it sounds to me like you don’t, then don’t do it.



    Frankly, this is a rotten place to answer the question. Everyone here has come to the conclusion that they’re better off at WP.com, which means they’ve accepted their blogs as fundamentally non-commercial activities (and I speak as someone who makes a living from blogs). If you want to know the challenges involved in self-hosting, as at WP.org, not here, because we’ve rejected that option.

    BTW, please do not expect your blog to make money. Unless you have about 3000 or more hits a day, you will not do much better than cover your hosting costs. The average blog set up by professionals solely for the purpose of making money makes about $35 per month.



    And when you get folk who want to *make money* but are *not thrilled at the idea of paid blogging* then what the heck are they doing.?

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