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    I hope no one minds if I open a general thread for discussion of the issues that can arise when transferring a blog from com to org. Does anyone have any experience of the move? Did it go smoothly? Are there any pointers or tips we could share? In my experience the data transfer can be erratic. I have not got to the bottom of it yet. Lines of enquiry are whether having a number of users on the blog makes any difference. My second line of enquiry is whether this might be a version dependancy issue. But I have tested every which way. And the errors can be alarming. :).

    I am also interested in anyone with experience of plugins subsequent to a transfer. In particular the cat to tag conversion in the Ultimate Tag Warrior. Despite long hours RTFM I can not get mine running. I am headed towards manual conversion which I would like to avoid.

    Next up: recent posts seem to have the domain name hard coded. Ie it posts back to the com site. Its Ok once the domain is repointed but until then it is a mess.

    Finally I notice that the export does not seem to include the blogroll. Is there something I missed?

    It may be that specific issues need their own thread but I thought this might kick start a dialogue.

    Heres hoping.

    Best Wishes




    I’m surprised that with so many bloggers moving back and forth between and that none have responded to your post. Maybe that’s because it fell of the front page.

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