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  1. I had a "move your site" company move my site from blogger to wordpress back in July 2009. That's fine, but when they created my new site (, they also created an additional site (

    I do NOT want the site, just the .com, and I don't know how to get rid of it! Please help!

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  3. is the blog I want to remove.

  4. Do you have the Domain mapping upgrade in relation to that is directing to your other site in relation with this url ?

    Because if so then I do believe you won't be able to delete the blog in relation to this url and would have to consider setting the blog to private.

    If you DON'T have the domain mapping upgrade then you can just delete the blog by following these easy steps.

    Please note that if you delete the blog there is NO getting back this url

  5. So when I try to list under "my blogs", it won't let me, it said "blog already taken". If it's already taken, who is it taken by? Not me! Therefore, I can't change the privacy settings OR simply delete it! I can't even list it under "my blogs"!

  6. I suggest contacting staff directly to see what can be done if anything. here is their contact link

  7. Also sites don't use the "WWW" in the url since it's already a sub domain

  8. Thank you. I will contact them and we'll see what happens.

  9. Your welcome!

  10. There's no domain mapping.

    @lizeee, is owned by the person who created it - presumably the company you hired. You'll need to contact them, as staff can't remove it without the owner's permission unless there's a copyright or spam issue.

  11. telly, I did contact them, they said:

    "Since your blog is hosted on wordpress, you'll want to delete it through them. You can follow the steps here,
    /delete-blog/ that explain how to delete your blog. Their user forum has a
    lot of helpful information if you need additional help."

    Siiiiigh. I feel so...insecure.

  12. letmeexplainthat

    Lizeee: You should get privacy protection on your domain! Ask your hosting provider about it. A simple WHOIS query for your domain shows all your personal info, including postal address. These days, its not safe. Just a friendly advice :)

    You may check the WHOIS details here:

  13. @ashishjena
    how or where did that information come to you?
    I'm interested if you were reading threads on these forums within the last 24 hours.
    just curious…

  14. @lizeee those instructions are correct, but you have to be logged in as the owner of the blog to do it. Perhaps they gave you the username and password?

  15. letmeexplainthat

    how or where did that information come to you?
    I'm interested if you were reading threads on these forums within the last 24 hours.
    just curious…

    I didn't quite understand your question. I am a website admin. I occasionally visit wordpress forums.

    I told lizeeee about privacy protection, as its being offered FREE of cost these days by domain registrars. So, I don't see a reason for people not opting for it.

    There are some restrictions though. For certain TLDs like .IN, .EU etc you cannot get privacy protection. It's against ICANN rules.

  16. Oh good Lord, something else for me to worry about! :)

  17. Update: I got the privacy protection, thanks.

    I still have floating around on the Internets with no way for me to edit it.

    On it's registered under username "thewhocaresgirl", but I don't know the password for that username, or what e-mail it's registered under.

    How did this happen?

  18. Log out of WordPress, try to log in to and then if you can't remember the password, just click "Forget" and it'll email you a new one. Presumably you know how many email accounts you have.

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