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    I’ve been using my wordpress.com account for awhile and I’m really pleased…except for the inability to track comments. Yes, I have the feed set up (at least I think I do) but I really, really want to have people be able to subscribe to the comments. I know you can do this as a plugin for wp.org, and I can host it on my website…but I had a heck of a time figuring out how to do that initially which is why I went with the .com

    Other than the lack of comment tracking for commentors, I like using .com — so I don’t have to fiddle with it so much. I’ll leave feedback about my desire to have this plugin available for us .com users, but…

    If I wanted to switch over to wp.org and host it on my site, would I lose all my current blog entries? Would it be like opening a brand-new blog? I can probably wrestle with it or have someone help me switch, but if it means losing everything that’s there now, well…I don’t want to do that.



    You can export you current data to an .xml file then import it to another WordPress installation. This will keep all your blog posts.



    Maybe I’m missing something, but if you “want to have people be able to subscribe to the comments” then you can do that here at WP.com. The URL for your comments feed is:
    Hope this helps!



    Are you talking about subscribing to the comments on one particular post? If so, then you’re right, this is not possible on wordpress.com. The comments feed will subscribe a user to all comments on all posts.



    Judy, thanks for the followup. I didn’t realize that WP.com does not generate a feed for the comments on a particular post.
    Although I’ve never subscribed to such a feed, I can see it being useful. Does anyone out there know why this feature isn’t in WP.com? It would seem more work to take it out than to leave it in, given that the code is already in original gangsta WP.



    thanks for the info on the .xml! And yes, I’d like them to subscribe just to one post…


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