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Combine all the Automattic sites.

  1. Hello,

    I think that a goal would have been to gather "all" the Automattic sites under one account/site. A suggestion would have been to aquire a new domain like and every services delivered from Automattic uses that domain to keep track of users.
    And also apply the possibility to delete blogs which frees the name, and delete accounts that frees the name and delete all data from that user.

    What do you think?

    Birger :)

  2. Bad idea, deleting accounts can crash the wordpress servers.

  3. Birger, you are right I staff might think so too. Only they are hinderings because technical limits in the system. Sometimes staff overcome some of the issues and we get improvements.

  4. Correction: Birger, you are right even staff might think so too.

  5. I know they claim in will break. But then they should work to make it work.
    Don't consider it is a bad idea because of a problem Automattic can solve.

    Birger :)

  6. Ok.

  7. Atleast don't have two account across .com and .org.

    Birger :)

  8. Both systems are large enough now that many accounts have the same names and it would be very difficult. Not to mention both are quite different dispite the name closeness.


  9. Holy crap, I've got FOUR blogs under the name raincoaster and three more under other names. Merging things would be a big mess for me, and I'm certainly not alone. Making ID merger an option seems to be in the cards for the future, what with the Gravatar purchase and OpenID and such.

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