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    after switching and changing CSS for 3 different themes i decided I should find a theme I like better with less changes

    I have only made a few changes to Nishita theme and happy with its simplicity

    having trouble though with wanting a ‘signature’ on some posts views and some pages but not all

    placement wise after some testing I determine that it worked best as a background-image in the div.sharedaddy

    div.sharedaddy {
    background:url('') no-repeat center top;

    only issue now though is that I really didnt want it on every page and not necessarily every post,

    not sure how to say I only want this in sharedaddy on post-1171 for example

    also not sure I want it on all the photo posts as it seems distracting a bit

    I guess what I am looking to do maybe is to have it appear at the bottom of posts but only when the viewer is on the actual post page (not summary) and only certain pages like ‘copyright’ and ‘about’ but not khanya pet photography

    hope that makes sense


    The blog I need help with is


    If you put it in as a background in div.sharedaddy then it will be appear anywhere that div appears. CSS is just styling rules and declarations. You cannot use any sort of if-then-else statements or such in it.

    Insert it manually at the end of the content for whichever pages and posts you want it in.



    thanks thesacredpath

    ill do that then just wasnt sure if there was a way to say combine elements sharedaddy and a certain type of page

    ok but its a all or nothing



    You are welcome.

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