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Combining RSS and site visit stats

  1. The current version of syndicated stats for only displays stats per-post. Does anyone know if there's a deep reason why these aren't also aggregated into the per-time total stat graphs? It seems that this would give a much better picture of overall blog readership.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. G'evening,
    We are Volunteers ie. your fellow bloggers who answer questions. We have no clue as to what reasonaing Staff may have for whatever they decide to do or not do.Only Staff can relpy to "what's the reason for this or that" type questions. Here's the contact link for Staff.

  3. Hi there!

    The current version of syndicated stats for

    Before I became a member almost 31/2yrs ago I heard they did at one point have stats for the RSS feed but staff have since removed the RSS stats and at this point there is no word on adding it back...

    Are you referring to the email subscription stats being aggregated into the per-time total stat graphs ?


  4. People keep telling me they've subscribed to my blog, but when I check they are not there. I think they pressed RSS. How can I see which readers are getting the RSS feed?

  5. @acroanmph: You can't exactly see who subscribed to your RSS feed.
    The best you can do is use a third-party service like Feedburner, that gives you access to certain stats such as the number of subscribers.

  6. Great, thanx for the info.

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