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    Sorry this has been confusing.

    Based on what you’ve laid out here, I believe your best option is to have redirect to using the site redirect upgrade:
    (which I get is basically what you said earlier)

    What I don’t know is if the whatever you paid for the upgrade on can be applied to the site-redirect. @thesacredpath–is that something you can weigh in on?


    Liz, thanks for taking time to evaluate my request. You are a winner. Maybe I should just wait to delete the blog I want to delete until someone has a chance to see whether my request can be granted.

    Thanks again for taking time to read and evaluate. <3


    Oops! Sorry my other avatar came up, but I am still the same person.



    I would definitely wait as a redirect is your best bet. Even if that doesn’t pan out, I would recommend leaving live and just write a post (and maybe put a note in a text widget in your sidebar) that says you are now blogging at That should also avoid the 404s (since the posts will still exist, they will just be on the old blog.)

    The re-direct is better as it makes sure that everyone gets funneled to the “new” site but leaving the old blog up at least doesn’t leave anyone high and dry.


    OK, one more glitch in this process:
    I started to delete the and discovered this:
    Delete Site

    Warning! You cannot delete a site if it has a domain registration upgrade because you need access to the site in order to get to the domain manager.

    If you do not want to use your site any more please make it private. Other users won’t be able to visit the site but you can still access the Dashboard so you can get to the domain manager.

    Now what?

    I just realized that the blog I merged with the one I want to keep both have the same address. Both are attached to the domain


    OK, I just made private and I will wait until I hear about the other request.

    I really do hope that move does not affect the main blog, but it might since it also is attached to the address.



    I put the modlook tag back on this thread because I think it would be helpful to have someone look into your account to see which upgrades are attached to what.

    That having been said, there is no big need for urgency here. All the posts on have been copied (not moved) to That means they appear on both sites. You probably don’t want to keep things that way long term because of problems with duplicate content, but having both blogs live for a little bit isn’t a big problem.

    If you are uncomfortable with that and don’t want both to be visible, it makes much more sense to make private and public since is the public site that has all of your content.

    Does that make sense?


    It makes perfect sense, except it is the opposite of what you think. Sorry!

    I merged into

    I know; that was a foolish move, because the was the dominant one. Should I go back and move everything the other way? Would that help at all?



    nope, I just misunderstood. You should be able to have your domain mapping transferred to and then do what you want with the other site (based on the options we discussed earlier).

    We should however stop commenting on the thread because doing so makes you lose your place in line for the the “modlook” tag (they do the ones with the earliest timestamp so the people who have been waiting the longest get “seen” first.)


    Liz, you are sharp and attentive too. I appreciate that very much!
    I went back to some old sent messages in my email and found what used to be my footer.

    Daughters of Sarah <;
    Muliebral Viewpoint <;

    I realized that the blog “Daughters of Sarah” is able to be accessed by more than one link–the one you see above and the domain name ( I really think that is the problem with understanding each other up ’till now. Daughters of Sarah is the blog I merged into Muliebral Viewpoint. You can see the link similarities.

    I am happy you are so on the ball and happy to wait for a resolution to the problem.


    Try Daughters of Sarah <

    I have no idea where that other gibberish came from.


    Ok, I’m a little bit lost with all of this, but I can certainly move the domain mapping and domain name for to wherever you want it. As I understand it:

    You want to move the domain mapping and domain for to . Is that correct?

    Sorry for dragging this out, but I just want to make sure so that I don’t have to move things around twice and prolong things even longer.


    Yes, please move the domain mapping and domain for to . That is correct?

    If you click on the , you will see that I have deleted the files from there and left an apology for the inconvenience during the move. That way you can be sure which blog is the one to remove.

    I was sure when I got the domain name that both blogs were attached to it. It ought to be easy enough to point to that domain.

    Thanks so much for all the help. If there had been a tutorial for this, I would gladly have followed it.

    Thanks again!


    Howdy, and sorry for the delay. I have moved over to for you. It might take a little time for it to completely stabilize, but it is working for me at the moment.

    I would suggest keeping the old site instead of deleting it and you can use it for testing themes and things. It is nice to have an extra around. I would suggest going to Settings > Reading in the dashboard of the old blog and set it to private so that it is no longer accessible to the public.


    Thanks so much for the final step. When I started this process, I had no idea that the was the dominant blog of the two. Anyway, now the move has been made and I am most appreciative of you assistance.


    I may be mistaken, but it seems you have left me no way to open the What I get is the other blog. And when I tried to open the I get a 404 error.

    Did I misunderstand what you were talking about when I agreed to move the domain mapping and domain for to . There are no files in now.


    Oops! Sorry, now there are the same files in both blog addresses. but I still cannot get back to the old to make it private.


    Sorry for the confusion. You can access the old blog by going to the old URL, which is: . And here is a direct link to the dashboard of that site: .

    In addition, if you hover your username at the right end of the grey admin bar at the top of your site when logged in, you can access all of your sites from there. If that menu is messed up, log out of WordPress, clear your browser cache and cookies and then log back in and everything should be straightened out.


    Done! You are my hero!

    Now what I need to do is forget the and save the old address for future reference–for testing themes as you say.

    I hope you will forgive my ignorance in technical things.


    Hooray! and glad we got you all sorted out, and no apologies. :)

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