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  1. beautykissesforalex

    I want to get Opinions from more people check out my blog and tell me what you like and what you dont like im open to all kinds of ideas.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I like the review of products idea. I would enjoy reading funny stories from comsetology school... and maybe pictures.. those are just my ideas. Great start!

  3. sounds like a fun blog!

    Design wise I would just change a few things with the top banner, perhaps it's too busy. Try adding those categories on the side as a widget so you can leave the top clean an uncluttered. Maybe get a designer friend of yours to create a cool banner for you (I like the heels on the side)

    Also, remember to always have your pictures set at the same width in all of your posts (including videos) this way it will look consistent and clean. I find that for fashion related blogs, big high def pictures are always the best. Like these guys - they are my favorite!

    If you want to invest on your blog, I'd get the design upgrade to change the fonts and I would change them to something more girly / playful, if you are focusing on beauty, you want all eyes on the post and not on bulky fonts.

    Hope this helps!


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