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  1. oops, that got submitted too early. This is what I was going to add...

    "Don't be too hard on @embrace. Really I also wondered if you were legit."

    I think this is where the last confusion came -b/c this issue was already dead and gone, so to her, it didn't make sense bringing it up again. I understand her pov. She was the one that was mistreated so it didn't make sense not to be hard on someone mistreating her -that she wasn't being hard on. IMO, Spydercat, part of the reason you were mistreated had to do with you saying that people have to be polite and respectful -IMO, this sets you up. Just keep going.

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  3. HI Spyder, I do hope you stick with it. It wouldnt be fair to give up so soon after beginning. Blogging is super fun. Right now I see two short posts. You are trying your wings. It was exactly the same for me when I started.. my posts were very short, and had no pictures.. I was worried no one would care to read my blog. It was scary.

    It took almost 5 months before anybody even commented. But look at me now. Just be yourself and take one step at a time. I hope I didn't sound harsh before. I was not judging... only helping. Hey, you'r a fellow cat lover right? We need people of your kind here on WordPress. The more the merrier.

    Personaly I prefer all caps. I think caps make things easier to see. But I don't use them. Don't give up.

  4. I'll suscribe to your blog Spyder if you'll have me. Perhaps I'll be able to offer some help and encouragement from time to time? till you feel comfortable.

    @gigi That was a touching story about your diabetic rescue. Kudos to you, for being kind on that fatefull day.

  5. Sorry, I was thinking you might be a teen cuz you were going to bail -HA!- and cuz the comment came from Lifewith4cats, I thought you might have taken it too hard cuz she was also being helpful.My apologies. The net is a haven for misunderstandings... Look how cute that kitty is up there! Such a little lover. I miss my cat. No fair, they should live longer. Spent all day with my pooch. Spend every day with my pooch, actually. She throws you all a kiss. MchwwwwwwwwoooAAAHHH!!!

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