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Come on!Show me your “kiss”!

  1. Hey!what's your feeling about your first kiss?haven't kissed yet?come on!answer the question,how about your first kiss?tell us and share your feeling!you tell us, we tell you!

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  2. No.

  3. lol

  4. My first kiss was when I was 16. He was my first real boyfriend, who turned out to be abusive, and a stalker. I try not to remember it. :P

  5. No

  6. theinsanityaquarium

    In the woods, after eating some chips from the school canteen. He was ginger, and I tasted like canteen grease. Also, we were about 7. Romance and all that shizzle.

  7. No joke, I actually had the song "I'm a looking for a kiss" stuck in my head before finding this post.

    My first kiss was amazingly awkward. Me and my first gf on my bed, she was on top of me, I reached up for the kiss, lost balance somehow and we fell of my bed.

  8. So long ago I do not remember.

  9. @maximsmadness - ROTFLMAO!!!! Now THAT is funny!

  10. I ran home totally in shock and disbelief.... I can still remember my mum asking if I was ok because I looked white as a ghost. Ah, the innocence.

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