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  1. @jasondransfieldgolf
    Hi there. I think gigisanchez has hit on an important point. Google may use snippets from optimized About pages in search results. If you want some pointers on creating an optimized About page then this will help >

    Also creating an optimized tagline (brief branding message) may also result in Google choosing to display it in search results. This post has pointers for doing that >

    I notice you are using appropriate tags. Goo on you! All posts we assign Categories and Tags to are displayed on the global tag pages and may result in a traffic flow to your blog.

    A default category (“uncategorized”) will be assigned to published posts if you don't specify one. That Uncategorized category has no benefit to your blog. IMO you need to specify another relevant one like "Golfing".

    I'm not a golfer but your blog is shaping up very nicely. best wishes with it.

  2. Hi Jason,
    Just got an Email from you that you subscribed to my blog. I never post to it -sorry. It’s not really a blog. But thank you and you made me smile. :-)

    You asked to be specific about your About page. Since your site is looking pretty good, I’m going to be more detailed. You wrote that your hometown is Hoylake. Why not -Hoylake, England. I would definitely write up a narrative; you can keep it short or however long you want it but I would seriously consider writing it in such a way that you’re personality shows through the words. ). If you keep the page with the resume style it’s got now, I would either lessen the spaces between the categories OR I would put photos in between the categories OR both. You can be really creative with this. For example:

    Name: Let the golf balls do it. Get 200 golf balls and line them up to spell out your name on very green gas and take a pic.

    DOB: pic of you when you were born with your parents
    HEIGHT: pic of you when you were a kid up against a wall that had markings for height
    HOMETOWN: Let’s get a pic of your beautiful seaside town
    ATTACHED: Don’t know what this means
    INTERESTS: Pics of you doing all those things
    FAMILY: Let us see your family. The names just don’t tell us anything.
    TOURS: You on the tours or pics of the tours.

    …you get the picture…

    The photo on your homepage is fuzzy, can you get the same picture with less or no fuzz? Can you put a constant run of golf news on your site? (Not where you have to write it but where you subscribe to it.

    Found a couple sites you might want to look at for ideas:

    Have fun with it-

    PS: hi timethief

  3. jasondransfieldgolf

    Gigi I like your ideas I have been away a lot recently and not had time to improve the blog except for posting, I will definitely look at what you have said and make some changes. Thanks again. Jason.

  4. I am literally laughing out loud b/c I wrote, "very green gas" instead of "grass."

    ha HA haHA HA ha ha ha HAHA

  5. jasondransfieldgolf

    Does anyone know how I could put a golf news feed on my blog down the side of my page. Maybe with headlines from the major tours around the world.

  6. You cannot "install" another RSS feed in your blog.
    Every WordPress blog has two RSS Feeds built in.
    This is the URL for the RSS Feed for your posts (entries)
    This is the URL for the RSS Feed for your comments:

    You can use an RSS widget to display any existing RSS Feed URL you can locate on the internet that provides what you want to display..

  7. Also if you publish posts with headlines from the major tours around the world and assign them to a Category, then you will have a Category feed your visitors can subscribe to. See here >

  8. Does the RSS widget mean you can have golf news on your site? That sounds like a good idea... here's another thought... shooting from the hip... I've seen websites that have some tricks that happen when people scroll up and down. I wonder if you can have sound on your blog and every time somebody clicks on a link, it sounds like a golf ball's being hit. Or the cursor looks like an iron or a putter. And maybe you can have a 'putt-putt page' that lures people into information about golf. A basic FAQs on golf. You could teach people about the sport you love. This page could have a series of questions and for everyone somebody gets right, a golf ball goes into the hole, and there can be a course and flags and all that stuff. And there could be a scoreboard where your reader's names go on, the winner at the top, etc. I guess I'm thinking it would be unique if your site was interactive.

    This is, of course, if you have nothing else to do in your life. :-)

  9. jasondransfieldgolf

    Gigi I am really impressed with all your ideas, I am sure going to try some of them. I have managed to a get a news feed up so I am happy with that, so thanks Timethief for helping me again.
    I am sure I will be back soon with more questions.

  10. Come have a look at my blog if you like Naruto, anime/manga, hearing about my life....=p, cosplay and various other things that come under those categories....much appreciated. I like recieveing comments to, postive or negative. Maybe you could help me to improve my blog....

  11. Today on the blog: I dive into the details of the historic government shutdown happening in Minnesota. As a local, I explore what is being affected in the state and how it is affecting the residents/tourists.

    Feel free to leave your thoughts!

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