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Comedy Blog that offers advice

  1. My blog is for the explorer in all of us. Be it Culture, Vampires or Politics, The Last Explorer is ready to explore.

    The Last Explorer is a blog told from the viewpoint of one of the greatest explorers of any generation, a man who has battled everything from Mummies to werewolves to the very elements themselves with nothing more than a can do attitude and sense of adventure. Now he spends his days dispensing advice accrued over his years of experience to help in you in everyday situations (and some not so everyday situations.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I love a good comedy blog. I'm on my way there now!

  3. Well it's a comedy blog, weather or not it's good is up to you.

  4. I also write comedy so I like to support my fellow smart-asses. I'm on my way over as well.

  5. fifteen2thirty

    I love your blog! Hillarious! Subscribed!

  6. Thanks for the support guys, its a bit all over the place at the moment as I am trying to settle on a theme.Right now whatever floats into the space between my ears gets posted.

    Atomic your site blog is class it's like all the best parts of the net in one place. Then again someone with a Calvin and Hobbes avatar was always going to be cool.

    Fifteen2Thirty the book sounds awesome and I love your use of different fonts, the "angry, drunk and belligerent" line cracked me up. Keep at it and good luck.

    I know it's shameless but tell you friends.

  7. fifteen2thirty

    Thank you for your support,everyone has been so friendly here at wordpress, and ive only been here 2 days.

  8. Depressingly my most popular post by far is one about mindless celebrity gossip.

  9. fifteen2thirty

    Dont be depressed, you will prevail. Im just starting, and I felt discouraged too. Don't be, you will attract more blog views.

  10. Yeah, it's early days just need to find an audience.

  11. It takes time. You want it to happen fast but it's something that really can't be forced. Write what you want, put your time and effort into your blog and over time your audience will find you. Trust me, it's more about time and some patience on your end. It will happen. Just write what you like and don't worry about the traffic right now.

  12. signing myself up as an audience member..i do however have a slight issue with where your getting your content,and this is purely on the latest article,end of the world 2012,ive been studying it in college,recently did a research paper on it,youve left out some of the finer details,the mayan calender is not the end,its more a resetting,and Nostradamus agrees...anyway still love the writing style keep it up
    and if you wish to be added,i just got a blogging page up and running,trying to promote blogs on here,i would be more than happy to add you

  13. It’s not really the traffic issue that’s getting me, it’s that the shortest post I’ve made, the one about the new Batman movie, is my most popular. Kinda makes you think that just a rehash of Prez Hilton would get you loads of views. However it’s not really about the stats(at least it’s not all about the stats) it’s about getting to write about stuff I think is cool and interesting. Writing about celeb gossip just for the views would be soul destroying and ultimately ruin what is supposed to be a hobby. It was more of an observation than a complaint.

    That’s true Wing my research is based primarily on about ten minutes of intensive research. With the post I just wanted to touch on two of the more popular and ridiculous claims i.e. planet X and the Mayan calendar thing. The paper sounds really interesting and I hope it goes well for you. Thanks for the offer and I’ll totally hit up your site.

    If you’re looking for a cool place to kill some time and have an interest in this sort of thing check out It’s pretty old but in case you haven’t seen it I can’t recommend it enough as a fun way to pass some time.

  14. Sometimes it stuff like that,that does in fact bring in an audience,those audience members who stay are the ones who like what you have to say,like your views opinions and take on life.Just because an article of yours is getting more hits than the other,more comments then the others,over work you deem not as well written,on a subject your not as passionate about,doesnt mean once someone has read that more current socially relevant piece,that they dont then go and read the rest of your work,go back or forward to more recent articles of yours,those are the people who find what you have to say interesting,and will keep coming back time and time again just to get your opinion,or see what you have to say.It takes time though,best advice is to knuckle down,be consistent,make sure your loyal to your writing style,and consistent in your message,update them on things that matter to you,because maybe it matter to others as well,Sometimes a piece you spend 5 minutes on gets more recognition then something you feel strongly about,that youve invest more time and effort and insight in,and your not getting the feedback on that work,doesnt mean no one is reading it,they have however paused for thought,youve made then consider of realise something,and thats how you gain loyal readers,ones who want to hear more for you,itll just take time for those with similar views to find you,till then be diverse,and get as much general interest as possible,those who see more to you will stick around,i know i will

    ive just updated the friends page,if you wish for me to change or edit anything ive written feel free to tell me,looking forward to hearing more from you,keep on with your work,just give it time to see the benefits.You are being heard

  15. nyc

  16. So the new post is inspired by a comment I got about the 2012 thing. The comment was pretty odd after I did I bit of digging (check the comments for the 2012 post) and the post I made are kinda out there. Maybe it will work and make you giggle or maybe not.

  17. @thelastexplorer :) subbed. Was that a picture of killer clowns from outer space?

  18. Thanks Cmhardin. Its was Pennywise from IT.

  19. I don't know if this counts as spam but my latest post is up and its something everone can enjoy.


  20. nope not spam at all this is your own thread,and people on here seem to be taking advatage of it
    checking out your new link now

  21. So my latest post is up. I hadn’t wanted to do this one so soon after the reptile post, but an opportunity presented it’s self. Again it’s out there but I hope some of you enjoy reading about The Last Explorer and The Lair of The Scientologists.

  22. New Explorer of the week. Its Carl Sagan, the radest scientist this side of Buckaroo Banzai.

  23. I like what I'm seeing so far! I think that I have a similar concept going in terms of a useful site, but that's written in a funny way. There are all sorts of lame advice/money saving sites everywhere, but when you make it funny to a point where you can get your message across I think you're on to something that will hold someone's attention. And in terms of word much as we both love our writing nobody else is going to read it and love it as much as we do. While we both think we're witty and the best thing ever, people's attention span is short and you need to try and limit your word count when possible. I like what I see though, keep up the pictures, keep down the word count, and please check me out when you have a minute.

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