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    I am using the Comet theme on my website with custom CSS. I designed pages with tables on the right to simulate a custom “sidebar” on each page which is supposed to look like this. Today I went to edit one of the pages and the editor completely stripped the alignment code from my table so it ends up looking like this. I tried to do a full page table and have two columns to see if that would work but it still doesn’t. It looks like this, with the content in the left “main” column shifted down for some reason. I have no idea how or why this happened, but I need help fixing it ASAP. You can view the source code of each link and see that I have not messed with the margins or alignment. It all worked fine until today. What happened?? How do I fix it?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi @alydonnelly!

    Have you tried reverting to a previous (working) version of the saved page? If not, you can do so using Page Revisions. This is probably the easiest way to recover the last saved working layout.



    Hi sixhours,

    I need to be able to make changes to the pages, so reverting back doesn’t help me. Since this is an author’s official website, I couldn’t leave it looking like that so I had to redo the entire layout to make it presentable.

    The cell content aligns properly only if there is text above the image. This is a major issue that I had with another theme and it’s the reason I switched to this one. I don’t know if it’s a global WordPress thing now but it probably should be looked into. I know WP is primarily a blog site but it does advertise as websites also and tables are a basic component that should work no matter what. Something is overriding the alignment codes.

    For reference, I checked this on Windows XP and Windows 7, with IE and Chrome. It’s all the same.



    See here please:

    This is the answer from wordpress staff:

    Hi all,

    A change that we made last week is causing the Visual Editor to strip out attributes on table tags.

    To work around this for now, you will need to use the Text editor on any posts where you have tables. If you switch back to the Visual Editor before saving changes on those posts, the attributes will be deleted, so please make sure you save your changes if you switch back to using the Visual Editor.

    The developers do know about this, and we’ll keep you all up to date once we know anything further.



    Ahh, thanks @timethief!

    @alydonnelly, my thought is to revert to the last working version of the page template, before the alignment attributes were stripped, then stay in Text mode to edit your content (as timethief posted, above).

    You can still update the page, you’ll just need to do it in Text mode until they have a solution for the attributes issue.



    You’re welcome.

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