How do I fix problems with the new comment box?

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    I have been having trouble with both the comment box & the reply box. With both, I have to click several times before the comment or reply is posted. Nothing at all happens if I click only once. This is annoying, and I worry that anyone else who tries to comment will give up if they click & nothing happens. I also worry that I may accidentally click too many times and it will somehow spam another blog w/ my comment. (The latter has not happened, as far as I can tell.)

    I also have had another problem when replying. Even after the reply “takes” and appears, my text box still has the reply in it. This was very confusing the first time it happened. I thought that it hadn’t gone through, although the page had appeared to “refresh,” so I scrolled up & saw my reply. I almost replied twice because the combination of the posting trouble (having to click multiple times before the comment or reply “takes”) and the text staying in the reply box made me believe that the reply hadn’t been submitted. Of course, other than possibly annoying someone if they had subscribed to the comments & got more than one email when I replied multiple times to the same comment, duplicating replies wouldn’t be a problem, since if I did, I could go into my dashboard and delete the duplicates. Accidentally commenting on a post on another blog, though, would be annoying and embarrassing, and so I am worried that this “ghost” text will begin to haunt my comments, too.

    I also had to use Adblock to block because it was just “hanging” whenever my page was loading, and the page would never appear to fully load because of Now I can’t see the FB buttons anywhere because Adblock is keeping them from loading, but at least I have a temporary fix by using Adblock.

    Thank you very much for your attention! Have a good week. :-)
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    Sorry for all the trouble you’re running into. If you haven’t already can you try clearing your cache and cookies? It sounds like there’s a connection issue here and that may sort it out.

    If that doesn’t work, are you accessing things from a work or school network? Thanks!



    Nope, I’ve tried clearing cache and cookies (I clear the cache regularly, anyway), and I’m unable to try from a different location at this point. The comment box thing, especially the multiple-clicking before the click will “take.” I do notice that others have this same problem. The “ghost” comment in the comment/reply text box is also annoying.

    I’m guessing that the slowness from the is something that is facebook’s problem (apparently FB users get this, too, from a search I did on google), and so there’s not much that I can do about it other than disable it. I won’t miss the fb access; it’s just a pity that FB doesn’t do something about it

    I hope the bug with the comment button and reply/comment text box is fixed soon..


    We’ll keep looking into things. We’ve seen a few reports of similar things and they’re on our radar to keep investigating. Thanks for all the details!



    Thanks very much! It’s kind of disconcerting! :)



    Hi! Just wanted to follow up and say that I have been able to occasionally comment or reply with no problem (and the need to click multiple times seems to have been fixed), but I just commented here and my comment remained in the text box. I thought at first it hadn’t posted, but then I saw that it had. It’s just disconcerting, and not the behavior expected when posting a comment. Just an FYI. :-)


    Thanks. We’re still trying to find a reliable way to reproduce this. It seems to happen only very occasionally and we haven’t been able to pin it down yet.



    And it might not be relevant, but I was using Firefox 4.0.1, or whatever that short-lived version was called, and upgraded to 5 (which feels more like 4.1, but that’s marketing, I guess!), and the behavior is persisting between upgrades.

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