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Comment Box Css Problems

  1. There is a box on my Css that shows all the comments as does all wordpress themes.
    This is my current code for that box:

    #comments {

    #comments h2 {

    #comments dl {
    border-top:1px dotted #fff;
    padding:8px 0 0;

    #comments dt .avatar {
    border:1px dotted #000;

    #comments dt.highlighted {
    border:2px solid #fff;

    #comments dd.highlighted {
    padding:2px 8px;

    #comments h3,#postComment h3 {
    margin:0 0 15px;

    After imputing all of this the image looks like the link below: or

    The problem is that the Commenter's Name and comment are in gray so they are not very legible(Able to read). I want to make all the gray text in that box white. Does anyone know what i need to do to change the colors?

  2. You really, REALLY need to learn more CSS before you start tinkering with your blog, because you are just going to break something. Take a week and read the resources I showed you in one of the other five or six threads you've started tonight. Then try tinkering with the CSS. The level of help you're asking for is akin to someone with a paid staff saying "I want it this way". You need to not only input the code yourself, you need to figure out the code yourself. There is virtually no support for CSS and you are asking for more than would be available anyway.

  3. Ok sorry i was just asking for somehelp. I tryed the W3school.

  4. You need to read it longer than fifteen minutes.

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