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    Since recently the comment box on my blog is not functioning properly. When someone clicks on ‘leave a reply’ the commment box only comes half at the bottom of the page. Why is this happening? Is there a way i can fix this? All my settings are perfectly fine too.

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t answer that, but I CAN say you desperately need to reduce the number of tags and categories you use. You should generally never use more than 12 on any post, at the risk of getting bozo’d for tag spamming.


    Oh I didn’t know that having more tags can lead to spamming! I thought more the tags the better! Thanks for this info. i will surely try to restrict the tags to 12 next time! :)


    I don’t know if this has anything to do with it or not, but I would suggest getting a lot of the book images and such out of your sidebar and into a page. What you might try doing is go to appearance > widgets and temporarily move them out and into the “inactive” widgets area at the bottom of the page and see if that fixes the issue.

    It also might not be the number of widgets, but perhaps some code in one of the widgets that is causing the issue.

    The W3C validator is reporting 58 errors on your page, but many of them are trival. There are two though that can cause issues and that is a missing end tag for an image tag, and a missing div tag. Both of those can cause sites to blow up.


    Thank you so much!!! it did work! The comment box does show now. Thanks! : )

    Ok, I am a little retarded when it comes to all this jargon you have used. SO could you explain what exactly does an image tag or missing div tag mean?
    And blow up, as in? How can I fix the two errors?



    Tag just means a bit of HTML code. And blowing up just means a critical functional failure.


    Great, we know where the issue is.

    I didn’t look, how did you create that list of books? Did you use a text widget?


    @raincoaster, thanks for the clarifications. :-)


    Ok the problem has reappeared again!!!!! Plz help!

    @thesacredpath, I created the list from


    There’s something funny showing at the bottom of the sidebar: ohnson something and search widget when I haven’t even put a widget there!!!!!



    The comment box looks fine to me. You’re still using too many tags; once you use more than a dozen, NONE OF THEM WORK. They work internally on your blog, but they don’t connect with, or get you featured on, the Global Tag Pages, and they don’t read as Technorati tags, and Google downgrades your blog. You really need to cut down the number you use on a post. And that’s coming from someone with over 400 categories!

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