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Comment Box Not Working in Explorer

  1. I've just created a WordPress blog that currently only contains pages (i.e. not posts yet).

    I have a few pages that allow comments. The comment box works in Firefox, but in Explorer the labels for the 3 input fields (Name, Email, Website) don't appear. (Other than the missing labels, the comment box works fine.)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What version of IE are you currently using ?

  3. Thank you, you put your finger right on it. It was the version of IE.

  4. please check out my blog, I've just set it up and need some friends. Can you add people on this site?

  5. @confusedlittlegirl

    Can you add people on this site?

    Yes, we can add official users to our blogs but posting off-topic questions into threads on unrelated topics as you have done ought to be avoided. In the future if you have a question that's different from the questions being asked the threads on the forum, please click this link and start your own thread and provide as much detail as possible when you do.
    Also note that we can the searchbox in support documentation to find answers to questions.
    user roles >
    adding users >

  6. @tmiconsulting

    You're welcome!

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