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    I’ve noticed that when I’m posting comments on a WordPress blog while using Internet Explorer, there seems to be an issue with the first comment: the instant I enter the first character, the text box resizes itself and juts under the sidebar, obscuring the text as it is being typed. This behavior does not manifest itself with Firefox or Mozilla, nor does it show up in IE in any comment after the first.

    It seems to be at least partially theme related – it happens with the ‘classic’ theme for instance, but not others. (It is also happening here, in the forum, with this post.)

    IE bug? WP bug? Both?



    Never seen that happen and I’m stuck with it most days. What version of IE are you using?


    6.0.2900.yadda.yadda – it should be pretty up-to-date.



    Yeah, that’s what I’m stuck here with. I’ve seen the issue happen before but not on any WordPress themes that we have here. I’ll see if I can dupe the issue tomorrow and send in a report.



    Aye, I see it on Lorelle’s blog, and here in the forum using IE 6.0.2900…



    Feedback sent with a pointer to this thread. (Thanks TT)

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