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Comment, category, and permalinks go to 404 on new blog

  1. Hi,

    I set up a new blog ( and many of the links, such as, go to a 404 (under my current theme, a "Doh") page. Is there a switch I need to flip somewhere to get these links working, or is there something wrong with my blog?



  2. Sorry 'bout that. You should be all better now. That was short-lived problem with new blogs that you were unlucky enough to hit.

  3. Thanks! I ended up going with Yahoo's WordPress hosting, since I liked WordPress a lot despite that little glitch. I had lots of fun moving my host name and blosxom entries, which you can read about here:

  4. This is still a problem. I have tried three times to set up a blog today and the comments and archive pages all result in a 404.

  5. Same here - 404 on the comments. Haven't checked the other links. (I created the blog yesterday)

  6. I have same problem :(

  7. My pages and comments are okay, but the new page I've been trying to add keeps giving me the 404 message. It's been doing it for a few days, and deleting the page and creating a new one isn't working either.

  8. 404 on category, month, and post permalinks. Do I have to set up .htaccess manually?

  9. no problems with the comments for me. But I still got problems with newly created pages....

  10. Same problems (comments, category and permalinks) for me.

  11. All would appear to be OK now.

  12. We fixed the bug that was causing this, sorry.

  13. I am creating this new blog since last some days. posts are published correctly but many links on my blog are not linked properly to post and give 404 error. Please help.

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