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comment count wrong

  1. My current top post has 5 comments, and yet the reported comment count is zero when you look at the blog. The post immediately before it also has a wrong count number displayed. This seems random - occassionally when I go to the page, the count is right, but then when I try again, it is wrong. The comments aren't lost, and new comments come in fine, it's just the count display that is wrong. This doesn't seem to be happening on older posts, but I haven't checked thoroughly. It just started happening this evening. I've had other, non-users, check and they see the same: sometimes right, sometimes wrong. What's causing this and how do I make it stop?

    One other oddity that seems unrelated: at one point this evening, my "user" page showed no one, not even me. Later, it looked normal.

    My site: or

  2. Hi,

    I see 5 comments next to the post title. Do you see something different?

  3. It seems to have resolved itself - at least I haven't seen doing the zero thing the last few times I checked. Who knows....

  4. I noticed tonight the last couple comments made were 'there' if one looked, but not showing up in the 'comments made' also...perhaps a one time glitch happening this evening?

  5. @pjmiller

    Maybe, but we need a link to a specific post to be able to look at it.

  6. mine is doing the same. 1 comment showing on post header 2 in post or no comments showing and 2 in post. Strangely enough it seems to be changing from 1 to 0 and then back to 0??

  7. Also last night had a ping back which was spam and I deleted but was still showing on comment list until this morning. Don;t know if thats related

  8. Just noticed it with mine as well. This post is listed as having 2 or 3 comments when I look, but has 4 published. Even when I look in Dashboard > Manage Posts, it's listed as 3.

  9. seems ok now..

  10. sorry for another post not fixed. Post counts on headers are changing all the time. There one minute gone the next. Going to shut up now ;-)

  11. This has happened before, so don't be alarm. Best is to send feedback to the staff so that they know what problems are occuring.

  12. .. and it's not only the comment count problem but also, pages are disappearing, comments on the sidebars turns on and off. Browsing to 'previous and next' are missing.

  13. I too have got this bug.
    In my post is 2 comments, and WordPress is writing: "No comments" :/ - "Komentarze - brak komentarzy" (no comments). Really is 2 comments!!

  14. I have the same problem. There's a comment on this post: But on the main page the comment count is 0:

  15. My problem now seems fixed.

  16. I have the same problem - count shows as 2 but there are 4 listed in my latest post.

  17. Same problem here.

    This post has 1 comment but in homepage I have "No comments".


  18. I'm getting the same thing and support is closed.

    Comment counter shows "1" but in fact, I have "8" comments on the most recent post.

    I have not made any changes internally. I think comment counter is broken and needs repair.

  19. I have the same problem. One of my posts shows "no Comments" but there are actually 4 comments posted.


  20. Everyone on my blogroll (more than 50 bloggers) are having this trouble.

    Today is not the day for support to close up shop and go to the beach.

  21. Same problem here today:

    "No Comments" in CUTLINE when there are currently 9 and confirmed in the Admin Manage interface.

  22. same problem for me

    on main page, there's a post "peca falja ce biti kizi kum" (it's on serbian) with 4 comments. but, when you click on that post and read it full, you'll se there's 18 comments... please help

  23. Report all problems to support [at] wordpress [dot] com

    @ublegende: Is your avatar Ron Jeremy?!

  24. Yes, that's him :) . We have an internal joke about some celebs and, for example, one friend's avatar is Adriano Leite Ribeiro and so on... ;)

  25. I'll throw us into the same ring -- comment counter not working. I suppose we just wait - I would assume they are aware of the problem.

  26. Well, I'm glad it's not just me, but it's frustrating.

  27. mine was fixed but is off again - will report to support

  28. When reporting to staff please be very specific and include as many details as possible. Where applicable please include links as well.

  29. We are aware -- just posted a sticky thread at the top of the support forum. Should be resolved soon.

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