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Comment customization

  1. Hi
    Is there a way to change how comments are displayed, with css, instead at the top of the posts i want it to be at the end, using k2 lite
    ..and maybe even to change the way how comments are opened

    thank you

  2. Hi this matter has been recently discussed and you're bound to find threads in the forum search box on it. It's important to note that css customization can change "appearance" items but cannot be used to edit underlying php coding.

  3. You would have to have access to the theme files to do what you;'re asking. Since we're on a shared environment, access is not allowed or else you would be changing those files for everybody else and they would be doing the same to you.


  4. thank you for the answers
    sorry if i double posted something, i just didn't found posts to my specific problem
    So, if want to have comments at the bottom of the post etc, better way is to find theme which have that features i want, and than change the visual style with css
    I choose k2 cause it looks good for my needs, at the first place, maybe i'll just undo that :)


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