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  1. re Comment display options:
    Below is a reply I have made in my blog "Challenging Questions?"
    I thought I had settings in place for "nested" comments, that is comments arranged so that one can tell to whom a comment is directed, but that does not seem to be happening so we should all start a comment (if applicable) with the name of the commenter to whom the response refers.

    Does anyone know what the correct setting is; the one which staggers replies when options are, say, "Reply to post" or "Reply to comment".

    I have read the Help advice and find that my setting is correct [Set at 3] but the desired result does not occur.
    OS = Snow leopard; Browser = Firefox.
    Blog url:

  2. I don't actually see any comments at all on your blog. Can you give me a direct link to a post where the comments are misbehaving?

  3. Thank you raincoaster, I see that berts last comment is, in fact, staggered.
    Here is the link:

    Perhaps I am missing it but is there a "Reply" option relating to the original post?

  4. The comment from Bert was addressed to Seapunk2 and it's correctly nested exactly where it ought to be.

  5. Thanks timethief "staggered" is the same as "nested" :-)

  6. timethief, my apologies! "Staggered" and "nested" are NOT quite the same :-)

  7. No problem and best wishes for happy blogging. :)

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