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    Whenever I post a comment, it sends an e-mail with my IP address. How can I stop my IP address from showing?



    It’s only shown to you as the receiver of the email. No-one else gets to see it.

    There’s no way to stop, it’s part of the design of the software. It is used for spam checking by Akismet too I believe.


    When I posted a comment on one of the blogs, the blog owner sent me a reply back via e-mail which showed his and my IP address. If we want to remain anonymous, how can we prevent this?



    Don’t be logged in when you leave a comment. The IP address is going to be there. It’s one of the requirements for leaving a comment. As stated above, it’s used for Akismet purposes.

    Your IP address is all over the place. I see it here in the forums. I’m the only one besides staff who sees it though.


    OK, thanks!



    My concern is my IP address, not my email address.

    How many places on WordPress is my IP address available to the public bloggers on WordPress?

    I’ve noticed several comments thorough WordPress by users and staff that the IP address is “not” a safety issue and instead it’s a “privacy” issue. That is definitely not true. It’s as much a safety issue. I am a perfect example of that.



    It’s also a safety issue for children.



    It is only available I would imagine when you or someone on your computer makes a comment. That is the only real time that your IP address would be available to anyone and only the person that owns the blog that you made that comment.



    Hi Trent,

    So “comments” meaning here on the forums as well as on people’s sites? Any other places that you would know that I don’t b/c I’ve just started blogging here and the Terms of Service don’t give that information nor does the Policy. I have contacted WordPress support about it, just waiting to hear back. In them meantime you may know something that could help me now perhaps.




    The only people that can see your IP address in the forums are the moderators and the staff. Regular posters in the forums cannot see it, so you are safe for sure in here. If you make comments on any site on the internet, it logs your IP address, not just here at At blogs, the IP address (as drmike stated earlier) is for akismet spam protection and is only sent to the person who’s site you commented on. I don’t think your IP is released on any other action. Staff will clear this up for you though.



    AFAIK, your IP address is never public, it’s only visible to the person whose blog you leave a comment on.

    if you’re really that concerned about it check out TOR. you may wind up being marked as spam more often though.

    it’s my understanding that your IP address is only a safety issue if you’re on a static IP address (T1 or business DSL line). otherwise the most that a person can find out is who your ISP is. they’d have to file a john doe suit (RIAA style) to get any further.



    Hi Trent and AFAIK,

    I don’t understand the “Akismet” – especially when I’m not using it. I haven’t added the widget to my site and I don’t know why I would need to when I haven’t had any problems w/ “spam” (as I’m assuming that’s what it’s for) – and note: Isn’t “spam” only in relation to email? It has nothing to do with IP addresses, does it?

    So I still don’t understand why the IP address is made available to users/bloggers here. It makes sense that WordPress would have it, and as they should. But I don’t understand why they’ve made it available to the public. This is not right. I can blog anywhere else and the public doesn’t get to see my IP at all.

    Also, bloggers can find out a whole lot more than just the ISP provider. Just right click on the ip address link that WordPress so freely provides you in your dashboard and it takes you directly to an ain site that traces it, even so much as listing the city. This is incredibly irresponsible.

    List a province even, but not the city.

    What about child molestors out there? And small towns? It’s common sense and I don’t find it smart that WordPress has provided it.

    WordPress has left it up to bloggers to be responsible with the information:

    So for instance, you send me a comment, I have your IP address now, I do a search, I find you b/c you’re just in a small town, takes nothing to sit on a main street if I’m a stalker let’s say, and so in that way WordPress has left it up to me (ie. the stalker) to be responsible with YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION.

    See how that doesn’t make sense!

    Meanwhile, you had no say about whether or not you wanted to show your IP in the first place, WordPress just freely goes ahead and gives it out w/out your permission. It’s not right. It’s not right at all.

    We teach children that when they’re using the internet, they are under NO CIRCUMSTANCES to leave their private information. So for instance, if a child lives in a small town, they are told to provide a big city somewhere else (that they won’t forget) and list that as their residence. Do you know why that is? Because providing information, as small as it may seem, provides a very big picture for the child molestor with a very big appetite. He is now given a tempation that he wouldn’t have otherwise had if he’d known immediately that he wouldn’t have access to that child so easily.

    IT’S TOO EASY FOR THEM. And providing our IP has just made it “easy” which is really devastating in my eyes. Unnerving.

    It’s like putting the candy infront of a child – you know they want to take it. For sure that child molestor is going to be on the hunt.

    I should have the option of providing my IP address to you or anyone else on WordPress. That should be MY choice.

    It’s not right as I mentioned. It’s irresponsible. It’s criminal. Entirely.

    So, it makes no sense when we teach a child to not provide their information and yet at the same time they aren’t given a choice.

    Very big problem. It’s just a matter of insight. And wanting to care.



    P.s. Email addresses don’t provide information at all period. I’m sure in this particular case, WordPress is simply making “spam” the priority rather than the IP address b/c it gives you all a sense of “more” and a “gain” both in protecting you from spam and yet giving you the option as well to find your visitor base. It’s entirely unneccessary. I could care less about ads and money issues the company or bloggerse finds it helps them with. I care about life.



    So for instance, you send me a comment, I have your IP address now, I do a search, I find you b/c you’re just in a small town, takes nothing to sit on a main street if I’m a stalker let’s say, and so in that way WordPress has left it up to me (ie. the stalker) to be responsible with YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION.

    Is a child molester going to go to the trouble of tracking down an IP address, trying to somehow track down this particular child (who hasn’t given a name, address, or phone number), and sitting on a main street hoping the child will walk by and that he will be recognizable when he can just as easily just sit on a main street in a town waiting for any child to walk by?



    Most websites you visit log your IP address, WordPress included. We bloggers don’t get to see the IPs of our readers unless they leave a comment, but WordPress staff can see. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that most IPs are not personally identified; they got to AOL or whatever service you’ve contracted from, but they don’t usually say “Joe Bloggs, 123 North Avenue”. Why not leave a comment on your own blog and check your own IP to see how much information it gives about you?

    If you don’t want to be trackable, don’t leave footprints. Admittedly, this makes it hard to engage in the conversation going on here on the web, but it’s a tradeoff each person has to make for themselves. Most people do not comment, period.

    Also, my stalker never even thought to use the IP address. There is much more easily accessed information out there.



    I think this is one that you better just take up with the staff askkimberley because it really is a policy issue and they are the only ones that can deal with it. Nothing can be gained by talking about it here, just disagreements! I am sure they will get back to you as soon as they can.




    really. install an anonymizer if you think it’s going to help. and reboot your router every 15 minutes.

    if you think IP addresses are that big an issue, you shouldn’t be on the internet. every webserver that serves you an image, html page, or script, can display that information about you. this is not your private information.

    by itself, an IP is meaningless. The information that you put out there publicly (your picture, your name) that’s tied to the IP address is what you have control over. that’s why most sites don’t allow persons under 13 to register. that’s why it’s up to parents to teach their children not to post personal information online.


    oh, and uh…

    AFAIK is an abbreviation for ‘as far as i know’



    I know from reading your posts on your blog and here on this forum that no one is going to be able to smooth your feathers on the IP address. As others have said, IP addresses are recorded at a lot of web sites. I frequent several forums that record the IP address of posters. Blogs on Blogger present the IP address of commenters to blog owners. The Haloscan commenting system presents IP addresses of commentors to blog owners. It is a tool to fight not only spam but other forms of abuse as well.

    And spam is a problem with blogs. There are people who will leave a comment on your blog and it will be loaded with links for all manner of things like drugs, porn, work at home, whatever. There are even automated comment spammers. You haven’t seen it yet because you haven’t been blogging long and haven’t generated a lot of traffic. I moved my blog to WP from Blogger a month ago and Akismet has blocked several spams already. And my blog is definetly not a high traffic blog.

    And you are using Akismet. WP activated it for every blog on WP. The widget you haven’t placed in your sidebar merely states Spam Blocked (that’s default – you can change the message) and presents the number of spams blocked.



    Thanks everyone, I appreciate all your comments, I’ll answer each one of them here at a time:

    Hi raincoaster,

    A website having my IP doesn’t matter. It doesn’t know who I am. I don’t have a “face.” In the case of a “blog” that’s with a personal nature that should be considered by a blogging company more responsibly.

    I already know that company’s have that information. That’s acceptable. They are a company. And as I mentioned they don’t know me from Adam and Eve. I know that the bloggers here don’t have access to my information as long as I don’t leave a comment, but then how does that leave one to communicate freely and quickly and more easily on here? Quite simply it doesn’t. I’d have to log out, go their site, and then leave my comment. It’s absurd. What kind of blogging is that?

    If WordPress wants to provide a product here, what’s not clear than is if it’s for blogging or for companies to make money?

    Am I right about that? What are the type of clients here on WordPress utilizing the blogging community tools? Are they mostly people like me? Or are they mostly businesses?

    I did do a check on my own IP btw, I already tested that and it’s very scary what was pulled up.

    As far as the much more easily accessed information out there, that’s of no concern to my life. They can take my money, they can take my identity, they can have my email and spam it, but that is of a distant nature, do you see what I’m getting at?

    People blog for expression. Period. So if someone obsessive wants to abuse that and stalk me for instance, they can so easily by knowing my IP address. I’m not kidding here.

    For example:
    I’ve just received a comment from a gentleman in the North. I won’t say who of course. All I had to do was right click on that little tiny harmless IP address that you all think is so harmless, and it took me to the arin/whois database, showed me the province/territory as an example, and even mentioned the type of location (ie. city, government, etc).

    So now I do a search on the location, sure enough there’s 56 people living there (if that’s his town that I’ve picked for instance, there’s only a few towns listed there). Plus, I know that he probably works for the government b/c of what the IP/whois database gave away. So how much do you want to make a bet, that if I’m not some crazy person living in the same area, I’m not going to try to investigate further and see what harm I can do?

    Do you guys have any idea of the crazy people out there? Because I do.

    Do you also know it’s easy to read between the lines? I can pick up on a character’s “type” and their personality in an instant all in the way they type, spell, etc. I could probably even guess their favorite colour if I wanted to. An exaggeration but also a very real actuality too. I can read blogs here and know a person. You can read mine and pretty much know me. But do you really need to know my IP? I ask YOU?!

    It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to investigate. THERE ARE investigators out there who do it all the time! And those are just the people who work as them!

    I’m not being paranoid here. What I am doing is inquiring b/c it’s very inappropriate this whole IP address business.

    Now, after having said all that, I realized when I landed on the arin/whois database site, that his ISP would have had to have registered there in the database for that information to be there.

    So, why does it have to be available to the public? That should be between the ISP and the whois/arin database.

    So who’s responsible?
    Is it WordPress? Is it my ISP? Is it ARIN/WHOIS?

    It’s all of them. They are all responsible because they are providing a product and a service and they are supposed to know what they are doing well in advance of it ever happening.

    When you give birth to your baby, do you leave the toxic chemicals laying around?

    I don’t think so!

    WordPress has taken a step to provide the IP. To me that’s negligence. If not worse. I’m sure they know what they are doing. The ISP and ARIN/whois database are also not being practical in what they are doing.

    It’s practicality. That’s all it is, and no one wants to do anything about that b/c THAT’S NOT PROFITABLE!!!

    When software developers, or technicians, or any type of technical expert is creating any kind of service or product, don’t you think they ought to know something about investigating too? And I mean investigating more than just where the money is.

    OK, I have to read the rest of your comments now!!! I’ll be back to post replies for those.
    Thank you, much appreciated again.

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