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comment e-mail shows my IP address

  1. As well, I have not "refused" to look into the suggestions here. I have not researched them yet.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi "Timethief"

    I did, I think you missed the 2nd line where I said: What I find peculiar is it's yet to be answered and even support won't answer it and instead goes around it.

  3. That's because we don't discuss policy here in the forums. In the past, it's gotten rather nasty.

    I sent in my own feedback for you and was told staff was aware of this discussion. It's up to them if they want to comment. Feel free to send in your own email or feedback.

    I just think you're overblowing the "data from IP address" issue. Really all you can get is the general city location and the ISP used from an IP address. That's it.

    Perfect example: My current IP address is Here's the whois. What can you learn from that link?

  4. askkimberley,

    What TT is trying to tell you nicely is that you won't get an answer about it here, because we don't make WP policy decisions. Continuing to ask the question here is a fruitless endeavour.

    It seems that WP may not be the best place for you, since you have problems with its policies and support.

    You are free to explore other blogging options, as i am sure you are aware.

  5. drmike,

    People here are obviously unaware of my situation. Instead of getting into that, what I'm not happy with is that I was entirely unaware of the fact that when I started this account my IP address would be availble and could be linked back to my location. Nowhere in WordPress Terms of Service or the Privacy Policy does it warn me of this and I was not given any option. There is nothing clear or explicit detail.

  6. Thanks Judy, what you're telling me is that I don't have freedom of expression here!

  7. FYI: drimike, I have discussed it with support by email/feedback form, not through the forums here. So I guess you misunderstand.

  8. It's not linked back to your location. That's the point we're trying to make.

    I see you're IP address. Using that, I can see your ISP. (For reference, it starts with an R)

    That's it. I can't even pull up a city with it.

  9. Thanks Judy, what you're telling me is that I don't have freedom of expression here!

    Give me a break.

  10. I have just been informed that 2 people have cancelled their accounts at WordPress because of this and 2 others who will not be blogging here. As you can see there are others who were unaware and are not comfortable with not being given the choice and not knowing period. I'm simply saying it comes across as very reckless.

  11. drmike, I clicked on my ip from within my dashboard and it was staring me point blank in the face. I don't know how much more clear I can be.

  12. Well just want to say thanks anyways everyone.

  13. I just found this article and it's really disturbing so I'm going to share it:

    He's just a journalist and doesn't deserve such shocking treatment. I'd hate to see what you'd do to him Judy (said with respects to your comment but w/out the vulgarity and just a matter of fact tone, I'm not into arguing but I'm free to debate if you like, otherwise we don't need to continue our discussion)

  14. You can look into browsing anonymously while online. I've looked into it but it seems all too confusing and things you have to download and such.

  15. askkimberly --

    Did you try Adam's suggestion and download and install Tor? I pulled it down today and it's super-easy to use, it's free, and it renders moot all your concerns about your privacy online.

  16. Hi Everyone,
    I haven't tried the suggestions yet, don't worry I will. I'm an information person so I will definitely be checking it all out, so thank you, I especially do appreciate that.

    In the meantime I've been reading, and I found this which was interesting too on Wikipedia:

    IP address legality in Europe:
    It is important to note that unlike the US, under European Union law IP Addresses are considered to be personal data as defined by article 2(a) of Directive 95/46/EC " 'personal data' shall mean any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person ('data subject'); an identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to his physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity; " Also see Directive 2006/24/EC.

    In association with Time Codes, IP Addressing information will always identify unique ISP account holders unless there is translation of that information.

    It is important that this significant difference in legal status be understood, because Websites that provide for third-party interception of IP addressing information and Traffic Data, without Website visitor consent, are committing a criminal offence in the UK by virtue of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, where through the requirements of European Council Decision 2005/222/JHA such Website owners face serious sanctions, including the winding up of their businesses, being debarred from running a business, and more than 2 years imprisonment.

    Here's the link:

  17. This is a support forum where bloggers post technical questions about how to use this multi-user blogging platform and where their fellow bloggers answer those technical questions.

    Policy matters are not discussed on the forum as they are within the purview of staff.

    You have been repeatedly told this but you continue to post to the forum rather than posting your "stuff" to your blog.

    The truth is that this persistent attention seeking behaviour is likely to build you a less than favourable reputation with your fellow bloggers. We could interpret your behaviour in many ways but here is one example to consider: spamming the forum and trolling for hits.

    Please, please recognize that it's in your own best interest that you stop.

  18. I've just thought of something, it makes sense to post a warning for my site visitors stating that if they choose to leave a comment on my blog site that their IP address will be recorded in my dashboard, without my control. This seems the most considerate route so far for my visitors. I've noticed even when I'm logged out that my IP is still being recorded in the comments. In the meantime, until I can research further on the things you have all suggested.

  19. Hi Timethief,

    I understand that, I too am still figuring out how to use this WordPress platform -- precisely my dilemma, which is why I should be here.

    I was here to share the technical information I've found b/c my question still hasn't been answered (that question was: Why is the IP provided to third-parties here, such as yourself if I were to leave a comment on your blog, etc. within the entire blogging community on WordPress).

    Certainly, anyone who chooses to think I'm "spamming the forum and trolling for hits" would be of someone who doesn't care to be informed.


  20. Hi Timethief,

    I have nothing on my blog, it's just started up, so trolling for hits would be pointless as there's nothing there for them to read. It's also a far cry from who I am. And spamming --I am an information person so for you to think otherwise is understandable as you don't know me.

    I thrive on information and isn't that what forums are for?

    I will move my information to my own blog. If there's anything to be helpful I will create a new post for any questions I may have. You may want to avoid it then.

    I don't know why this poses a problem here? I have been excited here to talk about this stuff and you take it like I'm creating a problem? That makes no sense.

  21. Because this is not the place to discuss policy.

    Could you let us know if it's the "because", the "this", the "is", the "not", the "the", the "place", the "to", the "discuss" or the "policy" which is giving you trouble?

  22. Let's leave this for our blogs. That is a great place to discuss this and I see you have a post. Let's direct your topic there.


  23. IP address legality in Europe

    Wouldn't matter. The wordpress servers exist in the US. US law applies.

    I don't know why this poses a problem here? I have been excited here to talk about this stuff and you take it like I'm creating a problem?

    Because you have been told that this is not the place to discuss policy and have continued to do so. You are creating a problem.

    You have been told to take it up with staff. Please do so.

    I don't know what you're looking at when you pull up your IP address but it is not linked back to your location. All you see is your ISP. That it. Over 20 years of experience behind that statement.

    <mod hat time>Any further posts in this thread will be deleted with the expection of my request of ask to identify any information about me through that whois link. I'll leave it here though for reference. Policy discussions will not take place in this forum.</mod hat time>

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