Comment Email Notifications all showing as coming from myself, not commenter

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    It appears that all of the comment email notifications I’m now receiving are showing as coming from myself, and not from the commenter who posted them. It seemed to change as of yesterday – is there a setting to fix this? I would like to know who the commenter is before clicking into the email.

    The blog I need help with is



    I also have the comment notifications coming for my email address as well.

    When I reply to them though, it does reply to the correct commenter’s email.

    The only thing is that (I have hotmail) because hotmail sees that the email says it is coming from my email address and knows that I have not sent the email to myself, it flags it as dangerous and I have to click on the message once opened for it to show the content to me.

    But also in hotmail, it does show the commenter’s name as the sender, and not mine so I do see who the commenter is before I open the message.




    I’m using Gmail.

    Good to know if I reply, it will go to the correct person, but I’d still like to the emails coming from the commenter, not me!


    I agree — also, something about this change means that comments on my posts come as individual emails that don’t gather together in a gmail “email conversation” even though the subject lines are all the same. what changed? i would love to be able to switch this back so that i can view all of the comments on a post in one email conversation, and be able to reply to each comment via email to individuals, rather than replying via email in a way that gets sent to the blog itself.



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    Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help with this issue. Only Staff can sort it. Please file support tickets >



    Hi, has anyone been able to have this problem solved? I’ve had it too since the same date as the OP, and despite filing a ticket almost a week ago, and promptly forwarding examples of the offending e-mails as per support’s request, comments to my blog are still landing in my inbox (and sent-mail folder!) as coming from myself. I’m also using gmail. Any luck, anyone? Thanks!

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