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  1. Today I have been getting two emails, each in a different format, every time someone comments on my blog. I am also getting comment notifications after commenting on another blog (sweetmother) even though I haven't clicked follow comments.

    I have changed none of my settings and this hasn't happened before.

    Please help! I am feeling much more popular than I really am! :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm getting the same thing. I'm afraid to comment because it seem to be auto subscribing me to a post where I get notified of every comment everyone else makes. Not sure what's going here. I do find it annoying.

  3. At the bottom of each of those emails is a link to control your email notifications. Follow it and set them as whatever you prefer. And if you can, report this to staff via your dashboard Help button.

  4. It had subscribed me to every post I had commented on today, including my own. I have unfollowed them thanks to your directions, I too was getting scared of commenting!

    The two notifications thing is pretty annoying though.

  5. After writing the last comment I tried to follow your advice and report it to support. Call me stupid, but the help button seems to just be a way to look at help, but not actually ask for any.

    If there is a secret password I need to know to open the magic support door please let me know! Otherwise I will just keep checking here to see if there are any answers...

    Thanks for responding raincoaster.

  6. That's why I said "if you can." Staff have decided to only respond to support requests from people who have paid upgrades. The situation will continue "till we're caught up" they say. I expect they never will be. So I flagged this thread for staff attention.

  7. lemonygregghead

    I am also receiving email notifications for comments on other people's posts, and I have NEVER elected to receive email notifications. I went back to those blogs to see if there was an option for checking to receive emails at the bottom and there is NOT. Now my email box is inundated with notifications. Something strange is going on.

  8. There's no need to comment on existing threads AND start your own. One is sufficient.

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