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Comment emails not being sent to me

  1. Barry,

    I feel I must disagree with you..

    My mail server works perfectly except when WordPress supposedly "sends" me an email. It apparently never sends an email -- except once when Mark said he "made a change in my blog" then once and only once -- then back to the same problem.


    Yes, I have all comments sitting on the blog but frankly it is a pain not to have the facility of email I started out with.

    I will create a new blog to see if it will work there.. and I will let you know the results.


  2. Sorry you disagree. I sent you via email, the log entries that show that your mail server is not accepting connections from our servers -- therefore the reason the mail is not getting through. Why this is I am not sure, you would need to contact your mail server administrator to figure that out. It will not work on a new blog since they are all hosted on the same cluster. You could change the email address to something else and that would work.

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