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Comment etiquette question

  1. This may seen a stupid question to the oldies, but I was wondering - is there any polite limite to how many times you respond to a post? I mean, can we really end up with this massively long conversation going on?

    When I first arrived here, I thought one comment was appropriate, then I found myself responding to the response quite often. Then I feel I am getting close to stalking!

    So what exactly is deemed appropriate?

    Thoughts? Ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm not aware of how many times is appropriate for comments. It's a conversation and a conversation consists of more than one comment, right?

  3. Right, it's quite normal to have several comments from the same person if it's in reponse to other comments. I can't see any reason why it would bother anyone and it would run out of steam eventually.

  4. Thanks folks! I'll stop worrying about it!

  5. I agree with stewiejt

  6. I have another question then. How on earth do people keep track of their comments? I know we can subscribe to comments, but then my inbox explodes, so I stopped doing that.

    The WordPress My Comments page is only one page long and that churns pretty quickly.


  7. I don't subscribe to comments. I read too many blogs to be flooded with email notices so I never subscribe to comments. Also lately I have been running days behind in getting to my own comments to moderate and approve them and reply to them. I'm coping with some truly "heavy" health issues and family issues right now. :(

  8. @teamoyeniyi The easiest way is to use 'Track my Comments' from the drop down tab under 'My Account'.

  9. I am sorry to hear the TT. I will keep you in my thoughts.

  10. @Alifebewhiskered - as I already stated above, it isn't long enough. If you comment on more than one or two blogs, the churn rate of the list it too high

  11. @teamoyeniyi
    Thanks so much for caring. I do appreciate it. I'm not able to blog about this as my family members and I agreed never to post personal stuff about each other online.

  12. @TT - and fair enough too. I would have been in the same sort of agreement - mine is essentially a weapon, but I agree with your family's stance.

  13. @teamoyeniyi
    So do I but it makes it difficult for my readers who wonder why their comments are waiting for moderation, approval, and replies. When they see I'm online they don't know I'm actually multi-tasking from work. Forum questions are easy to answer but comment responses take longer to answer do I don't get to them until the evening hours. SIGH

  14. Ah, sorry. I see what you mean. I never realised that there wasn't a 'next page' option at the bottom.

  15. And if you have a lot of free time on weekends as I do, you can rake up a few comments here and there! :)

  16. TT, don't you worry about commenting back or approval of comments, atleast from or to me. I'm sorry you're living with these challenges right now but I KNOW how strong you are, sooner or later (hopefully sooner) you can breathe again. (HugeHug)

  17. Thanks you bats0711! :)

  18. I don't know how I helped but hey Your Welcome :)

  19. No, you are 100% right Bats0711. I misread entirely. Your post was right under mine and I missed teh "TT" at the front of your post - I was just still waking up!

    @TT - SORRY!!!

  20. If the comments/discussion is thought provoking then it can be good for blog owners. Such in-depth comments are more likely to inspire others to comment.

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