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    Today I read a thread that kind of startled me. I am very new to WordPress forums. The question coined in the thread was a question I too have been wondering about. So, when I found the thread on Google I was kind of excited.

    I expected to find a good answer. The first answer given was very short and didn’t clarify anything. Then there was another comment that asked for a sticky on the matter. I know what a sticky note is and thought that sounded great. Still, I scrolled down hoping to pick up additional tidbits of information that would tell me what I wanted to know.

    But all other comments were just chit chat and off topic. There was some expounding on how people ought to do a forum search before asking questions. There was a theory or two about how WordPress could improve things – how to let people know they should be researching the topic first.

    It would have been nice of those people to simply offer additional, clarifying information to answer the original question. Instead, they expounded upon their own off topic ideas.

    Please imagine for a moment that you are trying to find information on the fly. You locate a topic that looks promising, but you are so let down because the thread doesn’t tell you much.

    Now imagine you don’t speak English very well. How frustrating would it be to dig through and decipher a string of useless information, only to discover you were being chided for not doing a topic search in the forums. I found the thread through Google and had no idea I should search forums first.

    So, please. When you answer questions use courtesy. Answer the question as if the poster were your boss and give them the facts they need to know or don’t comment at all. And don’t get bend out of shape if the question has already been covered 1000 times in the forums. Like I said, I came to the thread through Google and had very little experience with these forums. Maybe at one time I asked a question. I don’t remember for sure now. But that shouldn’t matter. People ought to be treated with courtesy regardless.



    Threads sometimes get off topic, but in my experience, this is one of the best technical support forums around and the volunteers here do their best to help find solutions to problems and to help out those who are new to wordpress. Please don’t let one thread you came to from Google determine your feelings about this forum. Give it a chance. The negatives are miniscule when compared to the positives.



    Sacredpath, I really appreciate that. And I believe you about the quality of support. Personally, I wasn’t offended at WordPress. I have high regard for WordPress. I am more concerned that people be given the attention they need. Especially when they don’t really understand English or have a good skills for finding information.

    And I am sure this particular thread is not typical. It did strike me as problematic in that it degenerated into arguing and was finally shut down with a bit of a rebuke. I am pretty sure there were personality clashes involved.

    I trust you when you say WordPress is very good and tries hard. And I believe you about the volunteers. This is a great place. I guess I just wanted to speak out and let the chips fall upon ears of those who may need a heads up since what they said really left me feeling bad for the original poster.



    Thanks for that inkrambles, and also thanks for bringing it up. It’s something we should all be aware of and all remember.



    Forums sometimes can not be as productive as you would like, but generally, all the people in this forum are here to find you answers to your questions! Most of us that spend great deals of time in here are quick at finding answers as we have already sifted through the threads. As well, there is always the FAQ to look at which doesn’t have comments to most of the common questions!




    /nod to trent

    By the way inkrambles, did you ever find the answer to your question you were looking for this afternoon? If it’s in regard to blogs, perhaps we can help.



    Back to basics for a moment: it’s basic forum etiquette to do a forum search before starting a thread, and that’s something that applies no matter how limited one’s language skills. We have had several people post straight-out that they’re too lazy to search and just want the answer handed to them. Training people to search first is a smart strategy that ultimately leads to less rudeness.

    When I first came to, I was impressed that if I posted “I tried to search for this term, but couldnt’ find anything relevant” was all people needed to hear before working quite hard to find solutions for me. In many places that kind of request would be met with “search different terms then” or “it’s been answered a thousand times” or silence.



    By clicking on “member” next to your username I believe I may have located the Google thread to which you have referred
    Can you tell us what question you have about Google that remains unanswered please?



    I see you posted the following into this thread titled “Allow Google Adsence in WordPress”

    I am inspired by Dr. Mikes You Tube Download site. I have been trying to think of something unique I can put on my (being developed) weg graphics site. I want a random generator script that can take background tiles I create in Photoshop and blend them into a unique background tile for my customer. They can choose from several possible images and come up with a one of a kind background tile. Anyone know where I can find such code? Thanks.



    Sacredpath, thank you for your graciousness. I didn’t get my question answered, but I will do a forums search and send an email for details if need be.

    Best wishes,




    Feel free to ask again, as said before we mostly try and answer as best as we can. :)



    Oddly enough I have a draft post on this issue…

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