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Comment feature not working

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am really not a techy at all - all I do is start a blog with the theme and type. I try to do best. :) But I have recently heard from friends that they cannot leave comments on the blog. I have not changed anything at all on the blog. Any help or suggestions please?

  2. Are they getting some sort of error when they try? What's preventing them from leaving a comment? Is it showing up in your blog's Akismet queue?

  3. I'm not sure. I'd have to ask them what they got. Mght be awhilr before I get any replies though. If anyone wants to try.....I'd be sooo very grateful!

  4. i just put a comment on your latest post. I signed out to make sure it wasn't just letting in wordpress users, and i had no problem. It says it's held for moderation. Have you checked your moderation queue (under "Comments" from the dashboard)?

  5. Thanks Judy! That came when the others have got around to viewing - since they are in a different time zone - it should be okay! :) Thanks so much!! You guys are great!

  6. No problem :)

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