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comment form pluggin

  1. Dear,

    What is the pluggin do you use for the comment form? (simple box and when clicking on the box the other fields appear)

    Thanks for advance.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot use plugins on but there is a contact form:

  3. Thanks for the answer but how can I make the same COMMENT FORM on my own wordpress blog?

  4. You go here and install that plugin.
    Note: Scroll down to Contact Form
    Easily insert a contact form any where on your site

  5. What is the URL of the blog you REALLY need help with? We need that to give you accurate help

  6. It's not for the contact form but for the comment form that I want the tweak.

  7. Did you actually click the link and scroll down the page and read what the plugin contains? Please do that and note:
    Jetpack Comments
    A new comment system that has integrated social media login options.

  8. re:

    There is no FTP access and no plugin capability on free hosted blogs.

    There is no ability to "tweak" the comment form on any free hosted blog or to upload a different commenting system.

    There is no upgrade you can purchase that changes anything at all stated here FTP access, and plugins are available only for VIP bloggers or for those with WordPress.ORG installs.
    Please read >

  9. My web site is not already on line but look like this:
    As you can see the comment form is trivial and all the field are showed.
    And in this one:
    The comment field is small and when you click on it the field name, email appear.

  10. If you are referring to a site that is not a free hosted blog note that we do not provide support here at WordPress.COM for any installs of WordPress.ORG software. We provide support only for free hosted WordPress.COM blogs being hosted right here on this multiuser blogging platform. and have different log-ins and run different versions of themes with same names. If you don't have a username account at WordPress.ORG click and register one on the top right hand corner of the page that opens, so you can post to the support forums there and receive advice from WordPress.ORG bloggers.

  11. is NOT a free hosted blog and you are posting to the wrong support forum. It is a install.

  12. That s true but I have my own hosting server and just want to apply this feature.

  13. So have you any indications on the plugin you use on for making the comment form like ?

  14. Please read about the different kinds of WordPress. You are asking in the wrong forum:

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