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  1. When I go to post a comment on I enter my open ID and type in the characters needed for "word verification" and I get an error message that tells me what I typed in doesn't match. Yet, when I want to comment as "Anonymous" I have no problem. The problem started last mid-week. I had not changed any of my settings and had been commenting on that blog site(s) without any problems/error messages. Please, help!!!!! Doreen

    The blog I need help with is

  2. This is an ongoing problem with trying to post comments to Blogger (.blogspot) blogs. Open ID fails more oftwen than it deleivers so I abandoned using it. The system Blogger expects us to have a blog by the exact same blog name as out username. In my case I deleted the blog matching my username years ago. Unless the .blogspot blogger sets their comments up to accept username and website URL I don't ven try to comment on Blogger blogs becuase it will reslut in failure.

  3. My username and site name are the same.

  4. Well, I'm sorry but we cannot help with thise issue.

  5. P.S. I apologize for the typos. My app is not working today and I'm visually challenged.

  6. P.S. I apologize for the typos. My app is not working today and I'm visually challenged.

  7. Your response certainly is less than satisfactory. Especially since I am not the only one experiencing this difficulty. Have been in contact with some of the bloggers ( and have been told it is only WordPress that has the issue, all other comments/responses are able to be posted without a problem. Possibly the solution is for all of us to drop WP.

  8. As this is a peer support forum where Volunteers answer support questions I suggest that you may wish to appraoch Staff directly to receive a definitive and satisfactory answer to your question.

  9. If you wish to go the whole nine yards then perhaps contacting Blogger (.blogspot) support Staff may be a good idea too >

  10. I know some people that have their blogs on Blogger and they have trouble commenting on those blogs so I know it isn’t just a WordPress problem. I did start my blog over there and hated it so you wouldn’t be able to convince me to leave WordPress because of an OpenID problem.

    On the Blogger sites that let me use my name and URL, that is what I use to comment. On the other ones, I use my Google ID that is linked to the Blogger blog. I put a “I moved” on the front page there with my address here and there are people that follow it back to my blog here. It isn’t a big a deal to do it that way.

  11. countrygirlcouture

    So this means I would have to create a blogger blog account that I set up to say "I've moved to __________________" just to leave comments? ??? No offense, but that seems kind of silly. Maybe someone else will have a better idea. I hope. :-(

    In the meantime, I suppose I'll see about contacting Blogger and finding out what they say.

  12. @countrygirlcouture. It might seem silly to you, but I don't have any problems commenting on Blogger. You don't have to set up a blog, just set up a profile with Google and link your profile to your blog here. I already had the blog and it had been inactive for over a year when I decided to put the "I moved" on it.

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