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Comment gets approved...doesn't always show up

  1. It's an odd thing: I'll approve a comment, I'll go to the comments section of the post and . . . no comment. Then, I'll go back to the comment on my dashboard, disapprove it, approve it again, and then . . . the comment shows up. Anyone else ever have this problem? It's an annoyance more than anything else. Still, is it a glitch or just one of those things?

  2. I'm wondering if it's a time lag thing. We know sidebars are cached and can take an hour or so to change sometimes; perhaps the same applies to comments? Next time try approving it once and leaving it for an hour and seeing if it shows up then.

  3. I'm experiencing precisely the same problem today.

  4. I'm having problems with comments...
    1) I approved one but it doesn't show up. Instead the comment turns red. A weird message: "AJAX is teh b0rked" appears. How can I fix this?

    2) I got an email to modderate a comment, I can read it in my mailbox but when I login I get: Oops, no comment with this ID.

    Thx for your help!

  5. Please give us a link to your blog and the link your email says goes to their comment.

  6. Similar problems here. Comments disappear and don't show up. Actually, a reader posted some comments which didn't show up then e-mailed me about it. I could see those comments. However, when I posted my answer as a comment, not only my answer didn't show up, but also the reader's comment disappeared...?

    It only affects comments posted today. Older comments are still there.

  7. At this moment, it seems to work again. Don't know what caused the glitch. When it appears again, I'll come back.

  8. Yup, seems to be solved...

  9. Curiously, since writing my comments issue, I've not had the problem again. I'm beginning to wonder about raincoaster...everytime r'coaster comments on an issue of mine, the problem seems to go away. Some wordpress folks possess, apparently, special powers. :-)

  10. We were under attack a few days ago which could have been causing problems like this. Everything was pretty slow to respond.

  11. I've just started having the same problem(within the past hour). I got a comment in email, and it shows that it exists in my dashboard, but it doesn't appear on my site, and even though I replied to the comment, according to my dashboard my reply doesn't even exist, even though I did it twice.

    There are 12 comments to this entry, but there should be 14:

  12. *update
    I think I see what's happened. The comment is there. I had changed my timestamp earlier this evening so my blog was no longer on GMT, but EST (where I am). The comment got put in the middle, because of the time change. No worries. :) All figured out now.

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