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Comment getting created as me with IP pointing to Automattic

  1. Hi there,
    I noticed on the weekend, that as soon as I published a post, I got a comment, that was posted by me, and the IP is WordPress's own IP, the publicize to Facebook didn't work either.
    I've moved this comment into trash
    Screenshot of the comment
    A screen shot of the IP address:
    is there a malware on the server? or a bot hiding there?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. danielisreading

    Since you had a link in your post to a previous post, WordPress automatically puts a comment on that post (a linkback) to help you identify when people link to your content. So the comment was supposed to appear (I believe there may be an option for it, but can't quite recall). It's up to you whether you want to publish it, it just helps people navigate from IEEE post to a related one.

  3. So this is a feature, if I link to a previously published post?

  4. WordPress by default will attempt to send a trackback to any place you link to. This is good as it lets the person know you are linking to one of their articles/posts. In the case of your own blog, it presents another way for people to perhaps get to the other article you linked to in your post. Some people like them and some do not. I typically leave them on and then delete the trackback on my own posts to sort of keep things clean. That allows others to link to your articles/posts and then you will get a trackback notification that they have linked to you, and links from outside sources are always good for search engine ranking.

    If you want to turn tack backs off, go to settings > discussion and click un-ckeck the top item and save changes.

  5. Ok, it now makes sense, thanks for the explanation, I just found it odd that I comment ( when I really didn't, I just posted) and with wordpress's IP address.
    Thanks again...

  6. Hi there,
    reference links
    Pingbacks >
    Stop self pings >
    P.S. I prefer to approve and post some and delete others.

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