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comment gives bad request error

  1. When i creat new post, the new post appears on page.

    but when I click on title or comment, it gives me following error.

    "400 Bad Request
    It is not a valid request!
    Powered By LiteSpeed Web Server
    Lite Speed Technologies is not responsible for administration and contents of this web site! "

    I donot know why this happens. I have put 3 posts today. Among which, in 2 the above message appear. Only one is working.

    kindly help me. thanks.

  2. Looks like it's moot now. The blog has been removed.


  3. And another.. Err, unhappy "customer."

  4. *shrug* All we can do is try and help. :)


  5. same for me. hope you guys can fix it ASAP.

  6. bravimabasta - have you changed your timestamp at all? The post you have and the post time are different. Might be worth trying the times correctly.

  7. Same problem here.
    A Black Hole eats the posts...
    I have many mails and comments from readers.

  8. Nikoxy, you need to tell us what specifically is the issue. "A black hole eats the posts..." I'm afraid doesn't help as I see posts on your blog. I just clikced a number of your posts and they all worked fine. Can you please point us at any that don't?

  9. Sorry Mike!

    There is a full report on my problem at:

    Sorry, I saw this thrad here, after I posted my question.

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