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    Here’s the post I am concerned about:

    When I am in my jmnpixels dashboard, it shows that there are four comments on that post, two by visitors, two in reply by me (and there are two Likes — from oneowner, lezoemusings).

    Yet, when I view my blog’s homepage while I am in my dashboard (meaning I right-click to view in a new tab), that post shows only 2 comments, from jspring52 and my reply, and the Like from lezoemusings.

    In the Recent Comments widget appears the comment by oneowner. When I click onto the title, Shoes, it brings up the post that must be in a parallel universe. It has the image, the title, but not showing my jmnartsy username underneath, oneowner’s comment and the Like — only it says “one blogger likes this media“. Then, underneath, it says Back to Gallery. I have not created any galleries. Here’s the URL for the oneowner comment:

    When I have signed out and view my homepage, that post shows only 2 comments, nothing from oneowner.

    How did this happen? Why did this happen? How can I fix it, please?

    The blog I need help with is


    I’m going to tag this for staff attention since something is messed up. There are two different post URLs where there should only be one as far as I can see.



    When you are about to insert an image, you get three link options – see here:

    YOURBLOGURL/DATE/TITLE-HERE/OTHER-TITLE-HERE is the URL of an attachment page.

    To avoid getting confused, stop giving the same title to the post and the image. To avoid getting comments on attachment pages, stop using attachment pages: select Link URL None when inserting an image to a new post. You can also edit each already published post, click on the image in the Visual editor, click the edit tool (mountain icon), click None, click Update (image), click Update (post).



    Thank you, justpi. That seems to have done the trick. However, of course, have lost the comment by oneowner, so be it. Will now edit all the other posts to avoid this happening again. It’s a learning curve….



    You’re welcome.
    To restore the comment, you can go to Comments (dashboard sidebar), copy the comment and the data (mail, URL etc.), log out, submit the comment yourself, then log in, go to Comments again and edit the new comment to replace its data with the original ones.

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