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Comment label appears on bottom of comment box

  1. When I create a contact form in, all of the labels appear at the top of the box - except for one. The label for the "comment" box is actually at the bottom of the box to the left. This makes it hard to follow. Can anyone help?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello,
    Please post an active link starting with http:// to the blog in question.

  3. Sorry, I never posted to a forum before. This is very exciting for me! I so appreciate your fast response.

    The blog is Sharing our History

    You can click on the "contact us" menu item to find the page in question.

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi again,
    I can help with this. This page > Settings > Discussion
    Discussion settings is where you set up defaults for comments.
    We can also override the default settings and enable or disable future comments on any post or page.
    Depending on the theme we use when we close comments a phrase like "comments closed" or a similar phrase may appear and if so, it can only be removed by CSS editing after purchasing a custom design upgrade.

  5. My issue is creating a contact form - not a comment box for a blog. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear.

    The problem is my contact form. The word "comments" appears at the bottom of the box, not at the top like the other labels. Do you know how to fix that.

  6. From what I can see you have created a contact form. Immediately below it there is a redundant comment box which you must disable so it no longer displays.

  7. I'm sorry to be difficult, but I'm not sure what you are saying. I want to have a contact form where people can leave their:

    - Name
    - E-mail
    - Phone
    - Preferred method of contact
    - Comments (through a comment box).

    For the last item, I'd like to have the word "comment" show above the box. It currently shows at the bottom on the left. So the comment box is not redundant, but part of the contact form.

    Or am I missing something?

  8. The instructions for customizing a contact form and video tutorial are found here. >

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