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comment moderation not working

  1. In the discussion settings I have selected 'comment author must fill out name and e-mail' and also 'an administrator must always approve the comment', pressed 'save changes' and still what a appears on my blog is just a comment box (no field for name/e-mail) and the comment that is posted is displayed anyway. what am I doing wrong?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You are signed into your blog therefore you cannot see the fields that your visitors see. Please try logging out and then see whether or not you can see those fields. :)

  3. thanks, that helps. The name and e-mail fields now show, but I leave a comment and it still gets displayed without me having approved it. It shows under the line: your comment is waiting moderation.

  4. Are you using the same email address you used to register your username account and blog with?

  5. no, different.

  6. OOPS! Ignore that last question of mine.

    It shows under the line: your comment is waiting moderation.

    That's normal behavior. Only the person who left the comment can read it. It's a reassurance that their comment did indeed "take" and is awaiting moderation by the Admin of the blog.

  7. oh super... thank you so much!

  8. one more thing: in the fields for leaving name and e-mail, my details now appear, the ones I left when I posted a comment, rather than just being blank. I tried refreshing and emptying the cache of the browser. any solution?

  9. You're welcome. Are you also aware that we have a Contact Form that we can use on static Pages? See here >

    If you aren't really setting up a blog that will be be frequently updated with fresh content in posts but instead are setting up a blog that mocks a website then you may prefer to use it or not. At the least I do want to make you aware that it does exist. :)

  10. you're brilliant, this is exactly what I need! thanks.

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