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  1. Is it possible anywhere to have your posts highlighted when a comment is made? The discussion format of my blog means people reply often but it's easy to miss a comment after the posts leave the front page of the blog. thanks for any help.

  2. You can use 'recent comment' widget in your sidebar so that readers can see the recent comments. It only shows recent five comments . if you want more just add RSS widget of your comments and select how many comments you want there...
    Hope this will help you...

  3. Is the recent comments module only for the paid hosting version of WordPress?

    Our blog at could use a recent comments feature but is this available with the free wordpress?

  4. The recent comments widget is available to all bloggers. Some instructions that might help you place it in your sidebar are here.

  5. I have all my comments emailed to me.

  6. If you get more than 20 comments a day, emailing is the ONLY way to keep track of them all. The comments widget shows only five, and the Manage Comments page shows only 20. You can't click "next page" for more comments.

  7. There's a thread here somewhere discussing making the Recent Comment widget display more. I would suggest sending in Feedback from your dashboard if this is somethign that you want as well. (I know I do. :)

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