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    I’ve noticed (a while ago) that when I am not the author of a particular post, I dont receive mobile notifications of comments — only for post of which I’m the author.

    To get notifications I need to use my phone’s internet, log in to WP, leave a comment and click “receive notifications…”

    Is there a setting to receive notifications for other-authored posts without going through the above process?

    If not, could I suggest making it so that the blog owner gets mobile notifications on every post, not just their own authored posts?



    If the comments are set to Moderate – both the blog owner & author (if not the blog owner) of a Post should receive notification of a comment

    Currently there is no way to set two people to receive comments from a blog – I suggested it a while back as a nice addition with more multi-user blogs

    I admin (and own) a blog for friends, I receive notification of all comments and when I remember to set my friends name as the Author of a Post (they usually email me the post info and I post it for them) – the also get comment notification


    Well, I only receive mobile notifications for my own posts.



    I flagged this for the staff to take a shot at this



    You can update your comments notifications per blog here:

    If you subscribe to all comments for a blog, you should receive emails for all comments. notifications (the chat bubble on a desktop browser and mobile notifications) do not show comments notifications for posts made by anyone other than yourself.


    I do get notifications on my PC browser from any comment on my blog.

    Only on my mobile app do I not get notifications, which sucks.



    Which mobile app and version are you using?


    the wordpress mobile app for android




    I have sent you a test notification to your main blog, Please let me know if you receive it.

    It appears you have notifications turned off for


    i got the notification, but if the notifications are off, they’re only off then for posts I’m not the author of. So how can I make sure I get mobile notifications for for comments on every post regardless of author?



    You can choose to receive emails for all comments by checking the box to “E-mail me whenever Anyone posts a comment” in your discussion settings,

    You can follow your comments RSS feed using this link:

    We are always working on improving and extending our notifications system and our mobile apps, so whatever isn’t available in the mobile app now may appear in an upcoming version.


    but I dont want an email when there’s a comment thats why that box isnt checked. I want to recieve a notification via mobile app when theres a comment on a post by an author other than myself for their posts. That’s the problem. I only get mobile notifications for comments on posts I author. I want one for all posts regardless of author.

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