comment notifications not working AGAIN!

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    comment notifications not working again!

    Damn I’m tired of this issue. I get notified of some replies to my comments across WP, but not ALL. This Notification thingie works and then stops, so IT IS NOT User-malfunction.

    Please don’t tell me to change browsers, clear cache, or ….

    At this point, I’d just like a workaround. Comments I’ve Made is similarly not helpful as advertised.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is


    I see you’ve posted about this several times and haven’t really had any satisfactory responses. I’m sorry about that. Most of us are volunteers here and can only make suggestions.

    Here are your other threads, for reference:

    I’ll modlook this, maybe staff will be able to help you. Please be patient.



    One quick note, it looks like your using Firefox 16.0. Please upgrade to 16.0.1 as soon as you can, as it fixes a critical security issue.

    As for the notifications. Can you give me a link to two comment that you did not receive a notification for?

    Also, are you referring to the orange notifications menu in the admin bar, or the notification emails?



    Good morning. Thank you for chiming in.

    Orange notifications in menu bar. (neither of these showed up.)



    Hm, that is odd. It seems to be working fine for posts today. Can you confirm?



    Nope they weren’t working on the 15th.

    Today, the 17th, however, I did something new–at the place to leave a comment is that three-row box with name, address, etc., plus my gravatar.

    Sure looks like I’m about to comment as Me.

    On the off chance…. I clicked on the W symbol and that 3-tier box disappeared and I’ve been getting notified of replies to comments.

    Perhaps this will also explain why in the Notifications, my own comments show up as if it isn’t me logged in even tho’ it seems like I’m logged in because I have the Admin bar showing! hahahahahahahahaha didja just love that?! me too!

    Go figure.

    I did not see a notification of your post from Monday. I came searching so I could tell you what was going on.



    Ah, that was definitely the problem, we can only track comment replies for you if you leave the comments as your account.


    I noticed the same thing today – the orange “star” at the top isn’t lighting up for “likes” and “follows” (but I’m getting email notifications). I haven’t changed any settings, and haven’t ever noticed this problem before.



    I’m having the same problem. My notifications are not getting updated and comments are not appearing on my blog. I only get email notifications.



    Please use this link to start your own thread.



    storkhunting and errantimpulses – As timethief mentioned, would each of you please start a new thread so we can help you more efficiently? Thanks for your cooperation.

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