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    I keep getting the orange glow on the comment icon at the top of my page notifying me of a new comment. Trouble is, no new comments have been posted, it is continually notifying me about the same comment that was posted days ago over and over again. I have tried clicking on the icon, clicking on the comment that appears after you click on the icon, going to the page the comment is on, but still, a few hours later I get this false notification of a new comment again. Not a huge deal but annoying. Is this a bug that can be fixed?

    The blog I need help with is



    I’m having the same problem across different accounts…


    Yes, and me. Comments keep popping up which were made days ago.



    Do you have any luck if you clear your browser’s cache and cookies?



    …it’s pretty random, to be honest. Sometimes, when I log into my account, I get a false notification. After that I sometimes get notified when I reload a page, or open a WP VIP site such as .

    For now… I’ve logged out, cleared the cache and cookies, restarted, logged back in and there was no notification. I’ll let you know if it happens later today. It’s not a major issue, it’s just annoying.



    No, tried that. As has been said above, it’s not a big deal. Just an annoying bug that needs fixing.


    Also, it’s not only happening on my PC. It’s happening on my iPhone too. So I don’t see how it can be a browser issue.



    …opened everything this morning (10:39am) and there was a notification, when I clicked on it the loading circle did its thing for a few minutes, when I reloaded the page the notification was gone.


    Im having the same problem. Also, the notifications take forever to load, when I click on the icon – but if I attempt to skip that step and go to the notification tab, the last 10 comments – that I can see on the post – don’t show up there either. Really not enjoying this new addition. Its making it more difficult to see what is happening. The old system never gave any probems for me.



    Are you able to clear the notifications if you go to!/notifications/ directly?



    Nope, at least not simply because I’m clicking into the notification tab. The (false) notification icon went orange when I reloaded my stats page for the first time since this morning. Then it stayed orange when I clicked into the notification tab, and went away when I click the icon.

    …I am still receiving real notices — followers, comments, like’s, etc.



    Are you clicking on each notification item with a white background? This is the only way to clear them.

    Once they all have grey backgrounds, they’re clear.


    That might be the problem. I had some with white backgrounds. I’ll let you know if that does the trick.


    That seems to have done the trick. Thanks!



    You’re welcome!

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