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    I am using the “Forever” theme, and I love it, however I’m not so impressed with the comments link, i.e. when someone leaves a comment, at the top of the post a # appears in a speech bubble, and clicking this will take you to the comments.

    I would prefer that the # is followed by “Commen(s)”

    ex. “2 Comments”, as opposed to just “2”

    I would also like there to be text when there are no comments that reads: “Be the first to comment” as opposed to the little speech bubble being blank as it is now.

    Is there ANY way to change this using CSS is the custom CSS form?


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m afraid that isn’t possible since it requires editing the theme files and only offers the option to add CSS, not HTML or PHP.


    You can get part of the way there. This example will add text to the bubble if there are no comments yet:

    .comments-link a .no-reply:after {
    	content: "Be the first to comment!";
    	visibility: visible;
    	padding-right: .5em;

    P.S. Your photos are fantastic. In the dragonfly oneā€¦ it looks like there is an eye painted on top of his head!

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