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comment numbering disappeared

  1. I understood that numbering of comments varied from theme to theme but my theme (Misty Look) had it for the longest time and then my readers noticed they disappeared. Is there anyway to put them back via CSS or to know that a theme has it before changing it? Some of my posts get a lot of comments and the posters like to refer to the numbers. Thoughts?

  2. "To know that a theme has it before changing it": when you go to Design>Themes and click on a theme, you can preview your blog before/without actually activating the theme.

  3. I don't know why that change was made in Misty Look. Others have mentioned it over the last week. I think your guys need to contact support about it. (And I'm going to do it myself.)

  4. Yes, that's a big deal. It definitely effects how many people click on that link, so it impacts hits and dialogue.

  5. Just heard back from support. The comment numbering was removed in anticipation of the new comment system. They are working on a way to put in comment permalink stuff back into the Misty Look template.

  6. What kind of answer is that? Andreas09 did and does have numbered comments; no "anticipation" in this case?

  7. They probably haven't gotten around to taking them out of Andreas09 yet.

  8. I agree with the "anticipation" answer. What does that even mean?

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