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Comment option not available

  1. Why is only my current/newest entry showing the ability to leave comments? All the rest of the entries have their commenting link is no longer there. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing or is this how things are? I want people to be able to comment on older entries as well.


  2. On every post and/or page you make there is a column of blue buttons on your right hand side. At the top of the column is Discussion + . You can click on the + plus sign and then a drop down menu will appear click to allow comments.

  3. Hi, I am trying to make comments available on my additional pages. I have selected "allow comments" but I still don't see any place for people to leave comments on my pages??

  4. There do appear to be some problems with comments in the theme you have chose which is called Tarski. If you chose another one you will solve your problem.

  5. I'm limited on time today. Please bare with me. :)

    Staff has asked us to send in feedbacks concerns theme issues. I would do this in regards to both questions.

    Tarski looks great but as if you search for teh theme here in the forum, it's had issues.

  6. OH, but I love my theme! Ah, well. At any rate, I have figured it out, and now the comments are there... but WAYY at the bottom of the page where no one would look for them. Thanks for the info!

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