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Comment prompt is not showing up on blog posts

  1. The comments prompt is not showing up on my blog posts. I have comments allowed in the main dashboard and in the posts themselves, but there is no prompt showing on the page. This seems to be new, because readers have commented on previous posts. I am able to comment on my own posts only in "Edit" mode. This is the case even when my posts are on the front page (now they are on a page called "Blog"). Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. So in the post "the well fed..." I am not seeing the that the "allow comments" box has been checked. Screenshot:

    But you are saying that you are seeing the opposite when you view the "edit" page for that post?

  3. That's so interesting -- in my editing interface, I don't have the "Discussion module" at all.

    Even though I have comments allowed as a default on the dashboard:

    Thanks, btw, for getting back to me so quickly.

  4. I got it! It had to do with the Screen Options tab at the very top of the editing interface.
    Oddly, after I check the Discussion module, that check mark does not "stick" in the editing interface. That is, I check it, check the appropriate boxes in the Discussion module, but as soon as I close the editing window, the module disappears again.
    Is there any way to make that Screen Options settings "stick"?
    Thank you!

  5. Glad you got it sorted out.

    It can take 20 minutes or so for that screen options to stick for some users. It's a known issue that we've been working on.

    Can you set it, and then check back later today and see if the settings have stuck?

  6. Since setting it last night, it appears to have stuck -- I just started a new page and a new post and both opened with the discussion module active.
    Well, at least it wasn't just me. Thank you very much for talking me through it (and introducing me to Snaggy -- glad to know about that app)!
    Should I delete my screen shots or is it better netiquette to leave them up for others in case they're having the same problem. I don't think there's anything compromising about these particular snaps. What do you usually do?

  7. Good to hear.

    Re: Snaggy

    I don't think it matters. I tend to leave screenshots if they aren't showing any personal info. But if there's a question in your mind, might as well delete.

  8. OK -- thank you again!

  9. Happy to help.

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